Top Tips For Maintaining Your Swimming Pool


A pool in the yard fosters lots of fun. Still, building this great investment is a complex endeavour. Even worse is its maintenance which can cost a large chunk of money with a dozen tasks to be done. Understanding your maintenance routine fosters a neat, clean, safe, and enjoyable pool for unlimited dives.

Keeping your pool in a tip-top condition sometimes involves significant expenditures and the right pool maintenance techniques and strategies. This article addresses the most crucial tips for maintaining your swimming pool.

Tips For Maintaining Swimming Pool

Below are useful maintenance tips for any pool owner.

● Proper water levels: Your pool's water level is an important element. Watch out for the level for a regular refill, which keeps the pool in the best shape. Insufficient water levels can lead to pump problems or a burnt-up or dry pool.
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Too-high levels also cause a malfunctioning skimmer door.

● Maintain the water chemistry: Keep up with the water's pH levels and chlorine amounts. The recommended pH is 7.2 to 7.6 PPM, with the best chlorine levels at 0.5 to 3 PPM. This buffers your pool from breeding algae and bacteria and calcium build-up. The pool's total alkalinity should also be kept at 80 to 110 PPM. Over time, too many algae and bacteria can grow in the pool and cause diseases and other issues. You can mitigate these problems by maintaining the water pH, chlorine level, and alkalinity to keep you and your family safe every time you use the pool. Check the water quality once every week during summer and less often in the cooler season.


● Proper covering of your pool: Appropriately covering your pool is highly advisable to promote safe and dirt-free water. A popular solution is a solar cover. It's an attractive option as it is affordable and can heat your water in the summer season while trapping the heat at night.

● Equipment needs to be changed as well: While pool maintenance revolves around the water and pool, it also extends to changing your pool equipment regularly or when the need arises. The pool is a pretty intricate feature that incorporates the plumbing system, valves, skimmer, and jets. Pool equipment makes the water safe. These include the pump that circulates the water through the entire system; the filter for cleaning and purifying the water; and the optional heater for a comfortable temperature. It's important to service your equipment regularly. This helps spot any malfunctioning early for replacements or repairs where applicable. Failure to meet this requirement could compromise the purity and health of the pool water.

● Skimming and scrubbing: Pool maintenance is incomplete without skimming and scrubbing. Skimming involves clearing leaves and debris off the pool surface. Doing it daily is recommended for optimum results. Scrubbing is more intensive, can be done weekly, and requires a scrub brush. It specifically applies to the pool's siding. This is ideal for preventing any algae growth from developing. An alternative is opting for a pool vacuum to effortlessly and quickly clear debris and algae.

● Clean the pool filter, baskets, and pots: Owning a pool means that you have more duties to your schedule. It’s important to clean the filter, baskets, and collection pots. Keep the filter clean every three to six months, especially after bad weather and heavy rains. Signs that your filter needs some attention include unusual pool odour, an ineffective hose cleaner, and a clogged drain. Depending on the equipment's size, pools with cartridge filters will require frequent or infrequent sanitation.

On the other hand, the pump’s lint pot and hair need cleaning after two weeks. Don’t forget the skimmer basket and debris catcher.

● Winterise your pool: As the icy season approaches, owners must take some steps to promote a great pool year-round. Preparing for winter mitigates potential problems that may arise along the way and guarantees pool entertainment when summer kicks in. The excellent news is it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Simply utilise a water testing kit for well-balanced chemicals before covering your pool. Additionally, get rid of extra water in the plumbing lines before closing the pool to prevent the entry of debris.

● Create a pool cleaning schedule: It's that serious! Pool maintenance duties can quickly get overwhelming, and keeping track of what has been done or not can be difficult. A schedule ensures you don't leave anything undone and promotes a pool in great condition. Still, the pool cleaning frequency further depends on your pool size, location, and how often it's used.

● Hiring a professional to look after your pool: You can always hire a professional to save yourself the effort and time of all this maintenance work. Besides, nothing beats work done by a professional. They will look after and guard your pool and take away all the light to heavy lifting. All you can do is jump into a clean and safe pool anytime! Moreover, they are knowledgeable about the pool system and can provide the best pool care.

● Building a fence around your pool: If you have kids, you may have already realised that they are automatically attracted to water. The pool promotes more play opportunities. They would happily spend time in the pool, and you may have to drag them out literally. A fence can act as a barrier to children accessing the pool. You can go the extra mile by incorporating a lock for your peace of mind. It's one way to be on top of pool accidents.

● Keep an eye on your children: While your parenting instinct may let your children get away with some things, it should never be getting into the pool unsupervised. The possibilities include drowning and the drains trapping their bodies with powerful suctions. Investing in swimming aids like arm floaties is also advisable. Most importantly, if you can't look after your kids, hire a child-minder if postponing the swimming sessions is impossible.


These tips promote a well-maintained pool and guarantee your and your family's safety. While these tasks are demanding, you can always opt for professional help for expert maintenance that promotes your pool's longevity. As always, opt for a reputable swimming pool firm for a clean and safe pool throughout the year.