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Your mobile application can be fully equipped with all the latest technologies, features and everything, but if it looks old, then it will be considered old (by the general public). Nowadays, modernity comes in the way things looks.

For this and many other reasons, it is really important for your app to have a trendy app design as known as the user interface. This article is going to mention some of the most popular and widely used app designs in mobile app development.

Top Trending Mobile App Designs

  • Neumorphism

Things in the world of designing have been more inclined towards simplicity and minimalism. The development of elements like icons or buttons are simple with nothing ‘extra’ about them. This trending style of app design called ‘Neumorphism’, which is a short word for ‘Skeuomorphism’. This type of app design uses the real life images and adds a touch of three-dimensional graphics to it.   

With this app design, flat icons appear to look 3D and cartoonish. Though the simplicity of the buttons or icons is not rendered. This app design appears as more tangible and tactile.

  • Eye-catching visuals

For today’s audience, applications that are beautiful to look and joyful to use are important. since everyone is on their phones all day long, app designers are focusing on using designs, color themes and user experience that is comforting for eyes and easily comprehensible. An app that is less straining on the eyes is more appealing to everyone (especially at night). Have you noticed the dark theme being offered by messenger, Instagram and google? That’s what we’re talking about. Less strain on eyes means more joyful and comfortable user experience.

Many applications are opting for pastel theme for apps in order to provide a soft touch to the app design. Firms for mobile app development in Houston are expert in creating applications that are soothing and put no strain on eyes at all.

  • Engaging swipe feature

Swipe is one of the best features that gives an edge to mobiles over desktops. Though there is not much work in clicking with a touchpad or cursor, swipe is just more fun and easy. A lot of application companies are working their way in making the swipe design of mobile apps, even more fun.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating new ideas for new swiping methods. You can put all your creativity in creating something with high functionality. 

  • Layers are great

There is one way of making something pop right up from the screen. Make everything else push back a bit deeper. Creating a powerful depth effect on a flat screen is an expertise not every developer has. Although, it is not something unachievable. Learning the technique to smartly utilize the lighting placement, shadows and highlights can give a great popping appearance.

Playing with brightness and contrast, and skillful photography can create great effects. Overlapping some layers and providing some level of hierarchy in to the app design will give an augment depth effect for your app design.

  • Analogue inspiration

2021 was surely the year which brought a lot of old school things back. Be it in the music world or the design. Analogue designs are becoming a new interest for app developers to use in their app designs. Giving the user interface of an app that crisp retro look, with a hint of grain and yellowed background is all about getting that aesthetic vibe. The typography used in these app designs are also heavily influenced by the bygone days.

Applications designs that are more likely to evoke good old memories and nostalgia are preferable by the user base as well. board games, newspaper and magazine style articles, games with sounds that were used in the early days of Mario and Sonic the hedgehog is what attracts the public more.

One of the beauty of analogue app design is that it serves as a warm, and comforting experience and emits all sorts of homely, real, tactile and satisfying vibe.

There is no denial in the fact that the importance of mobile phones and mobile applications have tremendously increased. Our daily lives, activities and routines have been fidgeting around smartphones for quite a long time now.

The increased use of smartphones has consequently doubled the popularity of application usage as well as development. The growth of custom mobile app development services has opened gates to many e-commerce business and SMEs. For such enterprises, mobile applications are becoming an aid in keeping up with the diverse, evolving and dynamic environment. For this and many other reasons, the exponential growth rate in the demand of mobile app development has risen the stakes among the competitors in software development industry.


 The goal of app developers is simply to bring the most relatable and comforting user experience once the user closes the application. And this can only be achieved with a nicely created app design.

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