Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Top Trends In Kitchen Design You Should Know

The kitchen remains as an important room in your home as well as the most used space. With an uninviting kitchen, you do not find it the space worth eating healthy or enjoy some good times with family or friends. On the contrary, an inviting kitchen that matches your lifestyle will make your stay with your family and friends enjoyable, and also inspire you to prepare healthy meals during the week.

Here is a rundown of beautiful and efficient trends in kitchen design in Houston and elsewhere in recent times that, when incorporated, will help you enjoy your kitchen space as well as increase the resale value of your kitchen.

Pops of Color

Painting your kitchen with white color is still the choice, as it makes the space more open and gives a feeling of cleanliness. But this year will see the addition of some colors in a white kitchen. You could install a colorful backsplash or paint an accent wall or an island to make the space look brighter.

Quartz Countertops

There is increasing trend towards quartz when it comes to kitchen design, and there are no signs of its popularity waning. This is not surprising as quartz is durable, hard to get damaged, makes maintenance easy, looks beautiful, and cost less than granite or marble. If you plan to remodel your kitchen this year, use quartz for your countertop as a great choice.

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Goodbye Kitchen Cabinet Handles

There is a gradual withdrawal of the use of cabinet handles as more and more people are opting for minimalist design. However, you can access your cabinets easily by having cut-out handles in the cabinets. Or else, you could have indents in the base of the door of the cabinet so that the indents remain out of sight.

Open Shelving

An increasing use of open shelving over the past few years is seen as a way to display the attractive dishes while having them within easy reach and visibility. This trend will continue as more people opt to create an open look for the kitchen.

Matte Appliances and Cabinets

No more gloss and shine. Instead, matte is increasingly being used as body finishes of appliances and cabinets. The good thing about having matte items in the kitchen is that they blend with other materials pretty well in the kitchen. In addition, the matte body does not show fingerprints as easily as is the case with glossy countertops. The good news is that the appeal of Matte appliances and cabinets is going to be around for many years.

Colourful Stoves and Hoods

Get a stove and hood in your kitchen in various colors to give a new look to the kitchen, You could opt for such colors like calm pastels, jewel-toned blue, or bright primary colors.

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Gold and Copper

Nowadays, kitchen remodeling is including gold and copper as stylish accents. The best thing about these colors is that they match well in most kitchen areas, whether it is light or dark countertops. Try using them in small doses, like in faucets or cabinet pulls.

Spanish and Moroccan Tiles

Although subway tiles have worked fine for many years in the kitchen, they are not turning out to be a bit ordinary. Now Spanish and Moroccan tiles are being used in the backsplash. The popularity lies in the design, color, and patterns that together make a big impression.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is widely used now in our everyday lives, and you can install plenty of them in the kitchen. Get remote controlled lights, smart appliances, and other similar items in the kitchen to make your time here more efficient and effective.

At Marwood Construction, our team of experts for kitchen design in Houston is available to help you find the right design for your kitchen. We will guide you in the upcoming trends that match well with your lifestyle and make your stay in the kitchen fun and happy.

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