Top Vlogging Tips to Become Successful on YouTube in 2021


Are you a fan of Will Smith's videos on YouTube? Have you ever looked at his Instagram? It's a full-throttle, no-holds-barred assault on video production. The guy has vlogged everything from his colonoscopy to bungee jumping out of a helicopter!

With one look at his posts, it's clear that a travel blogger looking to make money online needs to step up their game. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 13 useful travel vlogging tips for you.

How Do You Make Great Videos for Travel Blogging?

These four simple and required measures will improve the effectiveness of your video arsenal. Also, check out our guide on phone ring holder vs popsocket to choose the best one for your mobile phone.

The Story:

There's no question that a beautiful location attracts viewers in, but adding a compelling tale to the mix keeps them coming back for more. Since our brains are instinctively wired to enjoy stories, videos that tell a story will draw viewers. So, before you start shooting, write a script.

The Recording:

Keep a log of your journeys if you have a story to share. Long, large shots, informative close-up clips, and a few extra frames should all be included.

The Editing Process:

You shoot raw clips when you're in the field. It's important to weave them into a unified story and eliminate any gaps. This is where editing enters the image.

The Campaign:

Your view count will stay low unless you drive the video and advertise it to your audience. As a result, the final move is to optimize the video and promote it!

What Are The 8 Travel Vlogging Tips For Newbies?

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's get into some insider tips gleaned from years of travel vlogging (or the help of a community).

The Story of Travel Vlogging

A story is great, but a travel vlog isn't the same as a full-length feature film. The audience will lose interest in a flash if your video drags or features 4-minute long clips of a sunrise. Since people get bored quickly (8 seconds to be exact), a travel influencer must be able to:

Keep the video's overall length short and sweet.

Keep the length of the clips in the vlog to a minimum. Consider a 4-second sunrise shot rather than a 4-minute one.

All frames and captures should be omitted or edited:

– A place where nothing happens

– When there isn't a new panorama to be seen

It will help you make a more fun video if you think of the vlog as a movie trailer. Know that a 7-minute action-packed vlog would make a better impact than a 20-minute video that no one will watch.

video stablization

Recording Methods for Travel Vlogging

The experience of filming a scene can be uncomfortable for newcomers to travel vlogs. You're standing in a beautiful place, talking to or behind a camera, while other visitors take in the sights (read: snapping 10,000 selfies). The critical gaze will make you feel self-conscious.

Don't be that way. They have no idea you're filming a fantastic vlog. Ignore it and press on.

In your hometown, practice vlogging in public. The comfortable environment puts you at ease, and practice makes vlogging second nature.

If a travel blogger first starts out, their videos gain popularity because everyone is looking for a specific destination they visited. You are the thing that draws repeat viewers. When anyone sees your face and the vlog represents your personality, they are automatically attracted to it. As a result:

Be the protagonist of the video at some point during the recording. You don't have to be in front of the camera the whole time, but at least one clip of your face should be included. It will have a much greater impact on the viewer.

Vlogging Gear for Travel

The majority of established travel vloggers use two cameras. The first is for filming scenery, while the second is a lightweight option that can be taken on hikes and difficult trails.

The golden rule is to use the equipment that you are most comfortable with. Stick with a DSLR if it provides the best results for you. Using a mirrorless camera if it feels like a natural extension of your hand. Tap the record button if your iPhone 11 is the perfect way to catch the action.

Invest in a camera stabilization system. Nothing is more annoying than a shaky video. Since not every travel destination has a flat surface on which to rest the camera, purchase one of the following:

• Tripod is a type of tripod.

• Monopod is a type of tripod that is used

• Gorilla party

If you can't bring a pod because of luggage restrictions, invest in a camera strap. A camera protected by the body by a harness is much more stable than a hand-held camera.

All of the cameras' lenses should be washed. Very frequently. It's a bummer when you return to your hotel room after a long day of exploring and recording to find a smudge on the entire footage.

Carry spare batteries at all times because Murphy's Law dictates that your camera's batteries will run out when you least expect it.

Audio Strategies for Travel Vlogging

A sound (pardon the pun) microphone is just as important as a good camera. Consider it for a moment. You're filming the breathtaking beauty of Isle of Skye from the famous Cliffs of Moher, but the wind is eating away at your vocabulary. I'm not sure how well that would go over with the audience.

Although the scenery in a travel video is breathtaking, the background does not. Spend some time looking for music to use as a backdrop in your travel vlogs. While we're on the subject of music, make sure you've purchased the rights to it if you're sampling more than is legal. Visit for more tips and guides on vlogging.