Top Web Development Trends to Watch for 2021


Every year, the web development landscape continues evolving. 2021 is no exception. As a business owner, your website should keep up with the trends. You can trust Pixelstorm to create a website based on these latest trends.

Optimising Your Website for Conversions

More businesses are using their website to increase sales. That's why many of these trends result in converting leads.

For example, artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful conversion trends. Artificial intelligence (AI) web assistants, such as chatbots, are becoming smarter. The average chatbot can collect data and even solve complex problems. Not only that, but well-programmed chatbots are constantly learning, finding new ways to assist in customer service.

Because of this, there has been a six-fold increase in Australians using chatbots.

There are other ways to convert website visitors. Pixelstorm offers several CRO services for your website, including conversion funnel analysis, A/B testing, experiment analysis and implementation, customer journey analysis, Heuristic UX review, and more.

Branding Strategy

With so many brands out there, customers want to support a business they can easily identify and trust. This is where branding comes in. Not only that, but better branding. Your brand should convey three main points:

  • Authority

  • Expertise

  • Trustworthiness

All of this can come from an improved branding strategy. How do you implement your branding strategy to your web development and design? It's all in the content.

By creating effective and branded content that attracts an audience, you'll not only create stronger relationships with your customers but will also score points with Google.

What's the first step to improving your branding? Hire a marketing firm. From content creation to branded web design, the best marketing firm will help you create a brand that will leave a lasting impression.

Voice Search

Any business owner knows search engine optimisation (SEO) is integral to website performance. Not surprisingly, SEO trends are also crucial when designing your website.

Voice search is specifically integral. With the popularity of smart speakers such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, more and more people are searching online via voice. The ACCC states that 500 million people use Google Assistant alone every month.

Therefore, all businesses should optimise their website for voice SEO. Our experts at Pixelstorm can provide solid consulting on:

  • Drawing on schema markup and rich snippets

  • Using natural language and directly answering questions in your content

  • Having excellent domain authority (DA) on your website

  • Eliminating duplicate pages

  • Using the Web Speech API

Do you not know what any of this means? Don’t worry, we offer comprehensive SEO services including on-page, off-page, and even technical SEO.

Motion UI

Your web design should be less about aesthetics and more about engaging with your audience. And motion UI is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Motion UI is a type of interface that’s not only responsive but also intuitive, based on your visitor’s actions.

Some examples of Motion UI include background animations, modular scrolling, and animated charts. They keep your website visitors engaged while using your site.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Director at Pixelstorm Daniel Florido says “If you’re not going to invest in these app-like website trends, you should at least ensure your website is responsive”. In 2020 alone, 92% of Australians purchased a new smartphone. This shows that Australians not only use their phones frequently but are devoted to using the latest technology.

What exactly do mobile-friendly and responsive mean? Your website will look and perform on mobile devices just as well as it does on desktop. This means you can move seamlessly between pages, the font is easily readable and easy on the eyes, and navigation is effective across all devices.

Because of the demand for responsive websites, you’ll need to find a web developer who can provide this and more.

Pixelstorm creates websites with responsive design, conversion rate optimisation, and user experience in mind while ensuring you keep up with the competition. We also offer unique web development and design services for specific businesses, such as eCommerce companies.

Multidirectional Layouts

This trend is especially popular among eCommerce companies. If you display your products in gallery format, multidirectional layouts can emphasise your creativity.

Instead of the traditional left-to-right gallery, you can make galleries that move up and down, diagonally, and more. To make your galleries even more unique, be sure to add some unique transitions and flash animations.

Multidirectional layouts offer more benefits than just making your website more creative. This layout is better for mobile optimisation, especially if you choose up-to-down layouts.

You can also use these other trends for your eCommerce website. Great eCommerce web design results in more sales, a strengthened brand, more conversions, and more.

Pixelstorm can optimise your eCommerce website for user experience, payment gateways, shipping, product CRO, marketing, and more.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) make technology more realistic than we think. And your business can use this amazing technology to better engage with your audience.

AR/VR is popular among eCommerce businesses. If you own a clothing store, you can offer a “virtual fitting room” where your website visitors can see how they will look in certain outfits. If you sell home décor, you can show prospects how certain pieces will look in their home.


This type of service is also popular among real estate companies. VR technology lets new homeowners tour their dream home without even stepping foot in the house.