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Top Wedding Don’ts You Must Consider Before Planning Your Wedding

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Every bride's goal is to have a wonderful and the most perfect big wedding day. If you are one of them reading this article right now, you must plan accordingly if you don't want to experience potential problems or issues along the way. You may want to consider our "please don'ts" guide before you start planning your wedding. Remember that being smart ahead of time allows a person to be prepared! 


Don't Do Everything On Your Own 

You may be wise, focused, and full of energy, but you don't have to be a superbride. You're still a human, don't forget that. Superbrides are women who are engaged to commit their every hour to wedding planning, ignoring all offers from people who want to help. You don't want to run out of power and end up having your invitation unstamped, favours incomplete, shoes untied, and heads uncounted. So if you don't want this to happen, make sure that you call your trusty sidekicks for help. Do yourself a favour and willingly accept their sweet offers. Just sit back and have your nails finished, you deserve it after all. 


Don't Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner At Last Minute 

Don't be too focused on looking for the perfect wedding location or for the romantic getaway honeymoon destination and realizing that you didn't put enough time into planning a rehearsal dinner. You might think that it can wait but once the invitations had to go to print, you might discover that you're muddling to secure the details of the rehearsal in order to involve guests at your destination wedding in it. Once you get this organized, you can now look for the Most Unique Destinations Weddings Around the World 2020 and decide with your partner the place where you want to tie the knots. 


Don't Think So Much About Everyone Else's Plans 

A lot of couples when planning their wedding are always trying to coordinate a lot of requests for shower dates, bachelorette weekend dates, and wedding dates that they hinder and delay the planning for everything, making things more difficult. We suggest that you review your plans with your immediate family and bridal party because it's okay that you can't please everyone. You may want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator so he or she can help you arrange dates and things you need to do. 


Don't Have a Cash Bar 



If you force your guests to reach out for their pockets every time they want to enjoy a glass of celebratory champagne or a nice gin and tonic, then that's just simply rude. Why would you even invite people to your wedding and then ask them to pay for part of the fun? That's just ridiculous and some couples have done this before, so please avoid it. Take note that you don't need to have a top-shelf bar since there are many ways to serve and save. You can provide your guests with wine and beer only or offer them a signature cocktail. You may also have an open bar during the cocktail hour only and serve wine at dinner. Try asking your caterer or even your wedding coordinator to recommend lower-cost alternatives. 


Don't Add Registry Information On Invites 

Registering is a great thing for weddings. Why? Gift buyers are directed to the things you actually want and need, and it saves them more time. However, registry info must not be included in your wedding invitation. You may ask why, well, giving wedding gifts will never be mandatory, even if the majority of attendees will automatically want to do it. There is a way to deliver the message across is by word of mouth, whether it will be from your mother or your bridesmaids or on bridal-shower invites. 


Don't Be Biggity With Your Bridesmaids 

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Traditionally, your bridesmaids, in particular, the maid of honour, are the special people who will support you and be there for your when you take your vows and act as witnesses to the sacred event. Most of the time, bridesmaids have become somewhat like maids, although that's normal. But don't be bossy with them since they are still your best friends, sisters, cousins, best friends, and future in-laws. It's sweet and caring how they stand up there with you, wearing their gowns that you've picked out, holding your flowers, helping you pin up your bustle, and assist you in your gown. However, there are brides who will demand and ask for more. They even assume that their bridesmaids can shell out for needlessly pricey outfits, deal with endless tasks, and buy gifts for all of your parties. Please, don't let this happen. Make sure that you also care for them and be sensitive to what they would feel if things are switched places. Yes, gifts for your bridesmaid are thoughtful but kindness and care are more important than any shiny things. 


Don't Let Your Parents Be Pushy 

During the good old days, parents usually answer the bill and brides were hardly out of school, and the guest list was more of Mom and Dad's decision rather than the couple's. The good thing is, the time today has now changed, but it doesn't mean that some parents won't steamroll your invite list. So try to use your negotiating skills and do it early to avoid bad feelings. After setting up a budget in your mind, you'll be able to outline the number of guests that are feasible to invite. Then discuss with both sets of parents who they will be inviting, in order of liking, so you'll be able to cut from the bottom if needed. Make sure you are still in charge. 


If you want to have a stress-free wedding season, keep these don'ts in mind and you'll be fine on your wedding day. And one more thing, DON'T forget to enjoy the whole process! 

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