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Topper's Tips to Crack VITEEE 2019

The Vellore Institute of Technology conducts its common entrance exam every year commonly known as VITEEE (Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination) for the young aspirants who dream to be the future engineers of the country.

VITEEE is an online exam which is conducted mostly in the second or third week of April across various centers in the country. After cracking VITEEE examination, a student can enroll in various B.Tech programs offered by the VIT campuses. This examination’s standard is at par with JEE Main and Advance. It is considered equally challenging by the students to crack.

Well in a country where every child dreams of becoming an engineer it’s very difficult to secure a seat in top colleges of the country. On the same note, it’s not an impossible task as well. In this article, we have put light on some important tip and tricks which have been followed by two of the country’s topper in VITEEE Kalash Gupta (AIR 1) and Shubham Agarwal (AIR 6).

Important Tips to Crack VITEEE 2019

Plan your Study Schedule

It’s very important to chalk out a proper study plan and assign an ample amount of hours for all the subjects. According to Shubham Agarwal, this is the most important step for preparation. All of these examinations be it JEE main or VITEEE they can be cracked easily if one plans out their time accordingly the various subjects. Also making a timetable helps the students to dedicate their time equally in all the subjects and helps them stay motivated throughout their preparation.

While making a timetable, it’s important that a student includes time for breaks and entertainment as well. This helps in de-stressing and refreshes the brain as well.

Making Notes

VITEEE examination contains subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. All of these subjects contain numerous formulas and equations which are highly impossible to remember all the time. Making small notes of these can help you remember and revise whenever you forget them.

According to both of these toppers, they made up small micro-notes and flashcards containing important formulas from all the chapters and revised them every day. These notes help you in covering all the important topics and are a smart and easy way to remember the learned things.

So make sure you include notes of all the important chapters covering all the formulas.

Enroll in Coaching Institutes

It’s very important for students to seek proper guidance for their preparation. Both of these toppers had enrolled in FITJEE classes for their VITEEE preparation.

If you are someone who feels like studying at home then you can enroll in online courses otherwise it’s always suggested that you enroll in a good coaching institute.

Registering in a coaching institute be it offline or online helps you in building a solid foundation. It clear your doubts as these centers provide you with proper tips and tricks to solve the problems.

Solve Mock Tests and Previous year Question Papers

It’s said, “Practice makes a man perfect”, and it’s very true. It’s very important that a student practice a lot of mock test before appearing for the VITEEE examination. The mock test helps the student practice many questions which not only help in building speed but also help the student in analyzing what kind of questions they would be facing in the final examinations. Mock tests can be considered as a trial version of the final examination. They also help the students in analyzing their weak areas and help in improving them.

On the other hand, previous question papers are equally important for practice. Solving previous year question paper help student to get a picture of what their final examination paper would look like. Solving previous year papers help the student in knowing the syllabus of the examination and also the level of difficulty they can expect for the finals. They also help the student in figuring out the important topics and how much time should he/she spend on them.

VITEEE previous year question papers and mock tests can be easily downloaded from their official website.

According to Kalash and Shubham, they both practiced mock tests and previous year question papers on a regular basis. This helped them gain confidence and that is how they could crack VITEEE easily.


Last but the most important part of preparation is revision. It is essential that student dedicate an appropriate amount of time for their revision as well. VITEEE is not an easy exam to crack and it’s important that student make a practice of revision every day of whatever they have learned.

Before appearing for VITEEE it is advisable that student start their revision a month prior and not learn any new topic in that period so they do not confuse at time of the exam.

These are some important tips and tricks which were followed by the 2018 toppers and we are sure they can help you too to crack VITEEE 2019. We would like to wish all the students all the very best for their preparation.

Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson
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