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TOR – Gateway to Deep Web

The dark web

When you talk about the Deep web then one thing that comes straight into the mind is TOR – The Onion Router. TOR has been there since long time and its name is used synonymous for deep web. When you talk about deep web then TOR would be the market leader and the most commonly used browser for accessing all sorts of deep web and dark web links.

How TOR differs from other browsers?

TOR is the most popular software for gaining access to the unreachable worlds of deep web. It is built far more superior to the other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome and even provides anonymity compared to the incognito mode provided by other browsers in the market. TOR is short form of The Onion Router and it was developed by the US department of defense which allowed them to browse internet anonymously through the network of servers.

What was the main purpose of TOR browser and network?

TOR’s creation and purpose was to ensure that users get anonymity while browsing internet. The main purpose was to ensure completely privacy as the TOR network provides network of multiple relays therefore it makes it impossible for the tracker to find the source destination. However, with time, TOR has become a system used for both good and bad practices. This includes drug trafficking, sale of weapons and pornography.

All sorts of illegal stuff is being sold on deep web and most of users access it using TOR. However, the good side of TOR is that it can be used as a platform to voice your opinion by providing access to the outside internet world from banned countries. It has been under use by journalists living in difficult country situations and able to access internet and use it for spreading news.

TOR is most commonly considered as an impenetrable system which provides a platform for the users to carry out different sort of activities.  Many news has been published in different articles on the internet that NSA is trying to spy TOR network for various reasons. One of the major reasons have been that it has become marketplace to access dark web, which means that many drug traffickers, kidnapers, illegal weapon sellers.

How TOR provides Gateway for Deep web and Dark web?

Since the inception of TOR, it has been a marketplace for different criminals who intent to carry out different sorts of shocking and sickening crimes. It is becoming a home of different sort of bad activities carried out with wrong intention. TOR hides the identity of the user and it is a complex network which in which source and destination is non-traceable and it becomes lot difficult to actually track the TOR network. But it is also becoming a target by different law enforcement agencies.

How TOR provides anonymity?

TOR was nothing but a wild experiment to grant anonymity to anyone over the internet. But these days, TOR is used by millions of users and an open source these days used for various purposes. The TOR project has been fixed and used to provide cloak of anonymity while accessing deep web without requiring any much change in the configuration. TOR helps you stay anonymous and it provides you easiest configuration and set up to anonymize traffic over internet so that even your Internet service provider is not aware about the source information. TOR is useful for anyone who wants to keep internet activity hidden and their IP addresses are not traceable. TOR technology is not just about providing anonymous connection but it can also be used to host websites through the hidden services and makes it easier for you to access these hidden service sites.

Complexity about TOR

TOR has reached more than five million users and its user base is continuously increasing and privacy or security is one of the major reasons why people finding it hard to understand the true nature or face of TOR. The truth is there is a thin line of difference between good and bad TOR and you need to understand how TOR works and it can be used to provide anonymous connectivity.

How to download and install TOR?

TOR is portable software and doesn’t require much complicated system integration like most other programs or software do. This means you can run TOR from anywhere like documents folders, USB or desktop. One can download and install this software by simply following few steps mentioned in the online document and it will be installed just like any other .exe file in de

The Last Words

Social media and people in different networks are concerned about this complex nature of TOR and most of them have in mind whether to use it for browsing internet or not. Many oppressive countries and regimes have been using it since long time to avoid surveillance carried out on citizens spreading message online.

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