Monday, December 4, 2023
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Toronto will close five mass immunization clinics

Toronto: More than 82% of eligible Ontario residents 12 and older received one dose of the vaccine, 75% received two doses of the vaccine, and the government continues its last-mile strategy to target those who did not receive the first dose. or people eligible for the vaccine. Second dose. These recent efforts continue to ensure vaccine availability, especially in areas with low vaccination rates, and include proactive contact with those who have not yet booked an expedited second dose.


More than 71% of Toronto residents have at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, but the number of vaccinations varies from community to community.


For example, in Taylor Massey on the eastern outskirts of the city, only 53.1% of residents received at least one injection, while in Thorncliffe Park only 56.8% of residents received the first injection.


This discrepancy has prompted the city to devote more resources to a hyperlocal vaccine campaign in recent weeks, including a series of pop-up events planned for next weekend at grocery stores and malls in the Taylor Massey area.


But as demand for some of the city's major vaccination clinics continues to decline, the city now plans to devote more resources to local advocacy.


At another briefing on Wednesday, Mayor John Delhi confirmed that the city will close five of its nine mass vaccination clinics (Carmine Stefano Community Center, Malvern Community Recreation Center, Mitchell Field Arena, North Toronto Memorial Community Center), Toronto Convention Center) End of August 22, redeployment of 700 employees.


He said that by doing so, the city hopes to increase the number of mobile clinic teams from 5 to 22.


Four mass immunization clinics located at the Cloverdale Mall, Hangar, Metro Toronto Convention Center and downtown Scarborough will also remain open until "further notice", according to the city government.


“Our Mass Immunization Clinic has provided us with good services and has done so through our vaccination campaign. We have over 80% of eligible people who have received at least one vaccination, so we know we have been vaccinated at this point. there has been some progress so far, but we, too, Toronto physician Dr. Eileen de Villa said: in fact, they should be vaccinated. "Reporter on Wednesday.


“As of 23 August, our mobile clinic will have five times the number of employees currently vaccinated throughout the city. This will enable us to deliver vaccines directly to workplaces, communities and organizations with low vaccination rates. ”


Most of the mass vaccination through travel clinics in Toronto have been operating since March.


They were originally open by appointment only, but as supply exceeded demand for the first time, the city began accepting services seven days a week from clinics earlier this month.


These clinics have received over 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, but thousands of visits have been canceled every week in recent weeks.


Matthew Page, chair of the Toronto Vaccine Working Group and Fire Chief, said the clinic's success actually paved the way for the city to move to "the next phase of its vaccination plan," which will increasingly focus on "ultra-local" mobile teams. vaccination.


Ahead of the closure of five mass vaccination clinics in Toronto, Peel Public Health announced that it will close two clinics to also focus on local outreach activities.


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