Train Your Brain Using One Of These Apps


From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, our brain never stops working. To maintain our body so that it will function smoothly, we do a number of exercises but what for the brain. In this article, we have included a plethora of apps that will help to train your brain.

We have written all of those techniques after proper research work and we can assure you that, you will definitely get the benefit. These apps not only make your memory strong but on the other side, you will also feel like a positive and calm soul.

Don’t you feel excited to know about these apps?

In our day to day life, we got stress and anxiety from a variety of issues. And just to feel happy and calm, we try a variety of methods and one of them is these included apps.

When we focus on work and work 24*7, after some time our memory, visualization, and concentration power starts to become weak. And just to gain that power back the best thing is meditation, prayer, chanting mantras and apart from that these apps are the best.

Let’s know about them one by one.



The app Lumosity is very popular amongst people because it includes 3 games with 3 sessions. With the help of this app, you will get to improve attention, memory processing speed, problem-solving and flexibility of thinking.

Every time you will use this app, you will get a new game every other time. The developers of the game say that just by one session a day is enough to improve the mental health of a person. Try today!

CogniFit Brain Fitness

This sleek, fun and addictive game is specially designed by the neuroscientists to improve memory and concentration. You can also challenge your friends and compare your mental health with them.

The game starts with a quick quiz and after that, each level would become difficult. This is the truth that the people who used to play this game have noticed improvements. You just have to play this game for 20 to 30 minutes two or three times a week.

Personal Zen

This game is really an animated achievement. When you start playing this game, you will see two characters, one will look calm and cool while another one is angry and negative. This game is specially developed by Dennis with him there are many researchers from the City University of New York Hunter College who helped him.

This app is specially designed to reduce anxiety because it helps your mind to focus more on positive things rather than negative. When everyone else or every situation in your life would against you, in that case only one beam of positivity is enough to fight.

If you will use the app just for 10 minutes, it would be enough for you. The world is really so beautiful and positive. No matter what the situation is you just have to be calm as nothing happens and then see the magic.

Brain Trainer Special

With the help of this app, your ability of decision making become improve because in this app you will get to solve a variety of problems. With each level, the game will become difficult to play. And if you will play the game just for 20-30 minutes a day, you can notice the change in your brain memory.


The goal of this app is to make your mind happy so that you become happy. If you will deal with each and every situation having a smile on your face the only you can deal with every issue. Research said that there are some activities and if you will follow them then you can easily conquer negative thoughts and anxiety.

The only fundamental of positive psychology is to focus more on positive strength than anything else. That will help to create a happy environment around you and a happy environment is a healthy environment.

Positive Activity Jackpot

Have you ever heard about the post-traumatic stress disorder, actually this app is specially designed for those people who had once face this issue? For the people who deal with depression, this app, with the help of an android phone’s GPS try to tell the nearby activities so as to distract the mind.

To improve the despondent thoughts and the mood of the person dealing with depression, this app is really the best choice. In case it’s really hard for you to make a choice that what you have to do then, by pulling the lever, the app itself will make the decision for you.

Fit Brains Trainer

This app includes more than 360 games and puzzles too. These will help you to improve your mental health with a variety of tasks. If your mind would have the power to fight with every tough task then only you can live with positive energy.

This app will also allow you to keep looking at your performance so that you will get to know if you are going up or not. Within a month or less you will start feeling the improvement.


A technique has been used in this method which is called spaced repetition, with the help of which you can easily regain numbers or other necessary things. This app is not like other apps, it will train your mind in the way that you will never forget any number like account numbers, phone numbers of other details, etc.

After some time you will get the notifications to remind you that it’s the time to test yourself and retain the information.

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