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Traits of an Alpha Male

You will reach (or probably you have) an age where you’ll realize that women and the people around you respect you because of many other things other than mere looks. However, that shouldn’t mean that you are allowed to dress anyhow because an alpha male is still a gentleman and that is his trademark. For instance, a designer Panerai watch will give you that businessman look that you need to seal a deal with your insurance broker. A watch is also convenient and functional for anyone who wants to stay out of average league.

So, what are some traits that you need to have as an alpha male? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

·         Good Physical Health

An alpha male is presumed to be right most of the time, even if they are wrong. In that case, you must always not be wrong. The journey to a functional healthy mindset starts with your physical well-being. Training and working out is healthy to the mind. Moreover, you also need to be in shape so that the designer suits can fit you perfectly. Remember, as we mentioned earlier, being an alpha male goes beyond the looks, but the looks must also be an ace if you want to be regarded as a serious fellow.

·         Courageous

Being courageous doesn’t mean that you always get ready to open a fight when slightly offended. It simply means that you are not afraid of taking charge of your life by making the right decision. An alpha male makes sound decisions and stick by them because he is obviously not wrong. One thing that we didn’t mention, you’ll also need strong self-esteem that can’t be crashed easily.

·         Not Afraid to Say No

As an alpha male, it is not afraid to say no doesn’t mean that you don’t have a conscience or something close to that you don’t entertain things that don’t add value to your life. For instance, an alpha male will say no to a lady if he is not interested in her because he is busy and doesn’t want to waste her time. That is being respectful in a firm way, which is okay.

·         Purposeful Life

If you don’t have a diary then you need to get one soon because an alpha male lives a planned life. He wakes up in the morning when knows what is awaiting during the day. An alpha male sits down on a Sunday and has all his week planned out accordingly. He doesn’t deviate from his goals whatsoever, because his time here on earth is purposeful.

·         Gentleman

Lastly, being a gentleman doesn’t only include what you wear to work or what you drive but also how you handle people. In other words, it would be accurate to say that being a gentleman is an extension of being humble, a trait that you need as an alpha male. An alpha male is respectful to everyone and knows when to use the words “please”, “excuse me”, and “sorry”. These three phrases can take you places especially when you genuinely use them on everyone. An alpha male is also not toxic when it comes to the women who hand around her. That is what it means to be a gentleman!

Be an alpha male today and take charge of your life! It’s a decision that you’ll never live to regret for the rest of your life!

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