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Trampolining Is the Best Sport during the Corona Crisis

Outdoor sports! Not something for everyone.

As of today, people are again doing more sport than just exercise outdoors alone. The indoor sports and gym halls are still closed, but outdoor games are at its peak, such as tennis, golf and rowing are movement alternatives to jogging. However, the small trampoline has become too common during the Novel COVID-19. 

Trampoline fitness as a fun home training alternative

Trampolines.Guide founder Nolan Harris was also invited to an interview. It's all about the fitness trampoline, which is ideal for indoor exercise due to its size.

Newcomers to trampoline fitness should be given a few basic instructions, tips and help from trainers. But how does a trampoline fitness class work during Corona?

If you are interested in sport, the question "Which muscle groups are being trained?" "Is trampoline fitness a pure endurance program?" And "When should trampoline fitness be avoided?" This article will give you all the answers to these questions.

One trampoline, many options

The interview explains the versatility of the device, because the trampoline as a fitness device can be incredibly varied and differently strenuous.

The constant alternation of jumps and movements, the coordination of feet and hands and the attempt to stay in tune with the music make trampoline fitness not only ideal for muscle training and endurance sport, but also an effective training for mind and soul. Of course, fun is always a top priority, and that, Nolan explains, is also the specialty of the trampoline because everyone who has ever been on a trampoline knows that jumping is a lot of fun.

Before you buy your own trampoline, it is a good idea to watch YouTube tutorials or other videos and then decide whether the sport is possibly the right one for you.

Nolan explains in an interview which different trampolines are available and what to look for when buying.

Finally, it should be said that in the end trampoline fitness is still a sport and you can get injured while doing sport. But Daniel gives valuable tips on how an injury can be easily avoided, at least with trampoline fitness.

If you prefer to stay with a workout, you can also check out our YouTube channel. 

Competitions in trampoline sports

Anyone who has ever taken part in sporting competitions knows that certain rules and regulations exist, the same with the trampoline sports. A text with the exact regulations and rules for holding a competition, often very long and with many sub-items. You should know the content to know exactly what is required, what clothing you can wear or when the competition will be invalid. To shed some light on the darkness of the competition rules, we answer the most important questions about trampoline competitions here.

What types of competitions are there?

The competitions in the trampoline sport are initially divided into individual competitions, team competitions and synchronized competitions. For this purpose, it is precisely determined how a competition has to run, what constitutes an exercise, how many qualifying rounds there are and who can start when.

What do I have to show in a competition?

It is important to know here that trampoline sport competitions include three exercises with 10 exercise parts each, regardless of whether you compete alone, in a duo or in teams. An exercise consists of even, high and rhythmic jumping elements that are carried out without intermediate jumps. Perfect body control and the variety of different jumps within an exercise are particularly important.

How does the trampoline qualify round work?

Each qualification consists of two exercises, the first of which has specific requirements to be met. The gymnast is free to choose the second exercise. Lot decides who can begin. Depending on the number of gymnasts, they are divided into groups of up to 16 people. Each group first completes its two exercises before it is the turn of the next group.

At world championships, there are three instead of two rounds. After the first round, which consists of two exercises, the 24 best gymnasts come to a second round.

And what happens in the final?

Anyone who belongs to the top eight gymnasts or gymnastics pairs in the qualifying round must now show a freestyle exercise. Who can start is decided by the number of points from the qualifying round: the gymnast with the lowest number of points begins. In the end, the gymnast with the highest total number of points wins.

How do team competitions differ from individual competitions?

A team consists of three to four gymnasts per competition. Men and women do gymnastics separately. Each gymnast does a total of three exercises. The sum of the three highest scores of the team members is the team result for the respective exercise.

Synchronized competitions

A synchronous couple consists of two women or two men. Each gymnast may only belong to one synchronized pair. Even in synchronized competitions, there is first the qualifying round and then the final. The important thing about this competition is of course the synchronicity. The gymnasts must do the exercises at the same time, but they are also allowed to do screws in different directions. 

The right competition clothing for trampoline sports

So that all gymnasts have the same starting conditions, there is a fixed dress code in a competition. Anyone who violates this can risk deduction or disqualification. Men wear a sleeveless or short-sleeved gymnastics jersey and plain long gym shorts or shorts in a light color. This includes trampoline shoes or other footwear that is either white or the color of the gym shorts.

Women wear gymnastics leotards or a full-body gymnastics suit with or without sleeves, which must be close to the body. Matching trampoline shoes or white footwear are also allowed here. If you want to wear tights, you can do so, but they have to be tight and match the color of the gym jersey. At the DTB you can also wear skin-colored tights. For safety reasons it is not allowed to cover your face or head.

Neither gender is allowed to wear jewelry or watches during the competition. Rings without gemstones can be worn if they are masked off. Tape or other support elements must be skin-colored. The underwear must not be visible. In addition, the hair should be tied together for safety reasons.

If it's not your turn, you can of course wear a tracksuit or sneakers.

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