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Transactional SMS- An Important Element In Today's Tech World

With the changing times, there has been a drastic change in SMS promotion. In that way, transactional SMS is gaining ground these days. A transactional SMS is a text message from businesses or organizations to customers with data necessary to utilize the service or product. Companies usually send transactional bulk SMS regarding important details.

Importance of transactional SMS

In any transactional SMS gateway, crucial information such as bank balance, PNR status, etc. There is no restricted time limit for transactional messages. These messages do not possess any promotional message for promoting any product or service. The key domains that use transactional SMS are railways, hospitals, banks, e-ticketing, airlines, etc. Educational institutions and schools also sent important messages to parents without a promotional tone.

Benefits of transactional SMS

A transactional SMS is very important for a number of industries and hence caters to more benefits.

Instant delivery: The biggest beneficial facet of a transactional SMS is its quick delivery. There is never a delay and messages are instant to the customers.

Tools for the alert: Timely alert is possible with transactional SMS. For sending SMS without any failure, many organizations follow the use of transactional SMS.

Round the clock service: The transactional SMS gateway is available round the clock and hence messages are led without time restrictions. The messages are delivered to the customers without fails unless for a switched off mobile.

Template-based: Obtaining the template of such messages is easy and creation is possible based on one's requirements. With just approval from the SMS service provider, transactional SMS is possible.

Working of transactional SMS

In order to send a transactional SMS, a web SMS platform is mandatory. The other way is to integrate SMS with present software with the help of the API key. With online SMS software, the SMS communication is simple whereas with API integration complex solutions are possible. As a user completes a particular action, there is an initiation of a pre-determined SMS to the customer. The templates that are sent to the customers usually make use of merge fields whereas order numbers and personal details are automatically sent by SMS software.

Features in Transactional SMS

The right information is sent to the customers at the right time such as reminders, OTP’s, and notifications to registered users. With the assistance of web-based software, customers are accessible anywhere at any time. Also, all campaign needs are brought to light with transactional bulk SMS. The service providers offer a number of features such as sending 24*7, regional language, message scheduling, track response, brand name, DND, SSL encryption, HTTP, API integration, and intelligent routing.


A transactional SMS platform is important and mandatory for a number of organizations. Also, transactional bulk SMS is gaining importance for its excellent benefits. They are vital for today’s business and evolving in all modes of business.  There are many providers for SMS service and they assist you in all ways to generate transactional SMS. With various latest SMS software, establishing transactional SMS is beneficial.

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