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Transform Your Health With These Systematic Changes

Uncovering the root of any health complications you may be dealing with can feel like an endless journey. Do not despair! There are a handful of essential systems in the body that always benefit from some extra loving attention. Your gut and your brain are constantly communicating with each other through the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in your body. This superhighway of information also responds to stress signals, which is why you probably feel unable to focus while your stomach is upset, or uninterested in eating while you're worrying about something. By striving to balance your diet, your brain health, and your reactions to stress, you can quickly and efficiently bring greater harmony to your entire being. 


Diversify Your Diet

The digestive system is a living powerhouse of microorganisms that actively secrete enzymes to break down and absorb essential compounds from the things you ingest. When you have a diverse gut microbiome, your body is able to handle any difficult food items that may come down the line, including heavy starches and sugars.

However, when the gut is bombarded with too much of a bad thing, the protective lining between your intestines and your bloodstream can wear down. This activates your immune response and sends your body into defense mode. All of sudden, something you ate has turned into an unwelcome visitor. Many people develop food allergies through overexposure to ingredients like gluten, dairy, corn, and soy.

For this reason, it is crucial that you diversify your diet. Eating a wide range of foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables of all colors, will introduce new microflora to your gut, giving it a proper kickstart so it can do its job well. Probiotics are an excellent source of beneficial bacteria to aid in this process.

What is thrive? Well, supplementing your system with additional vitamins and minerals may be just what you need to bring everything together. When your digestion is functioning well, you will have more energy and vitality to enjoy your exciting and busy life. 


Boost Your Brain Function

The human brain is a complex ecosystem of its own. The incredibly unique neuronal connections we each have largely determine our outlook on the world. If you associate snakes with deadly venom, for example, you are bound to feel extremely hesitant and on guard in the presence of any snake. Meanwhile, if you associate exercise with endorphins and strength, you are more likely to continue working out in the long term.

There are several ways to begin improving your brain's incredible capabilities. First and foremost, you will need to get plenty of rest each night. When we are in a state of deep sleep, our minds are able to process and discard any random information from the day, along with emotional irritants. This provides a clean slate to interpret the events of the following day. If you aren't sleeping well on a regular basis, you will definitely begin to notice brain fog and fatigue.

Another excellent brain booster comes through learning something new –– particularly if it engages both sides of your body. As soon as we start to hone in on a novel skillset, our brains immediately generate new cells to form the necessary circuitry, in order to remember how to perform those tasks. Engaging the left and right sides of your body will fire up the right and left sides of your brain, respectively. This will keep you feeling sharp and adaptable as you age.


Change Your Stress Response

Ultimately, the health of your gut, your immune system, and your brain will depend on how well you manage stress in your life. The stress hormone cortisol can wear down your adrenal glands when it is secreted too often without relief. This hormonal imbalance will signal your brain and your central nervous system that something is wrong, which ends up creating a cascade of side effects across the board. You may experience shortness of breath, increased heart rate, frequent infections, difficulty digesting, muscle tension and pain, or any other number of symptoms.

The best strategy for regulating your nervous system is through deep breathing. Whenever you are on high alert, your body needs extra air to respond properly to any pertinent threat, real or perceived. The first step in transforming your reactions to stress is pausing to breathe. Notice when you are agitated, take ten seconds to stop what you are doing, and inhale through your nose down into your diaphragm. Then, exhale as slowly as possible. Repeat this at least three times. Doing so oxygenates your brain and allows you to proceed appropriately. 


There are many simple yet profound ways to revolutionize your well-being. Start by increasing your awareness of your essential operating systems and the ways they interact with each other. You may be astounded by how wonderful you begin to feel.


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