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Travel Tips for Solo Umrah

One of the very frequent questions Muslim fellows often ask whether to travel alone or in a group. If your family members are not ready to accompany you with the Umrah performance, It is not a very big deal now to travel alone. Rather it can save your time, money and would be more comfortable to explore the holy places during your Umrah Journey.

I recommend you to organize your Umrah travel on your needs and preferences as it is the most unforgettable and the personal journeys of your life. You will find millions of people from every region, race, and class to take the opportunity to perform Umrah in Mecca and Medina. In holy months, Mecca is filled with the pilgrims, the aerial shots of pilgrims wearing white Ehraam are so eye-catching. So for you, it is recommended to book for the best Solo Umrah packages which can cater your every need.

Visa comes first in Umrah Planning

Umrah visas are opened from the 1st Muharram, the start of Islamic month to the 15th of Ramadan. If it is your first time, you have to know that Hajj Umrah agencies are the best option to process your Visa and help you out with the best flight dates and times to the hotels you are going to live during your Umrah Journey. So first thing is to do is to look for the best hajj, Umrah agency and opt for the one offering the best prices and journey services.

For the flights and hotels details, you can also find it to your own by searching the best travel sites in the town. As you are the only to travel, you will obviously be in need of single room accommodation. It can be the budget living, the mid in range and the luxury living, the choice is all yours. Two things the Azmeen looks mostly is a comfortable, calm place to live and the place near to Haram Shareef so that they can easily get into the mosque anytime. So this depends on you that which package you opt for and by which travel agency.

Recommendations for the 4-star hotels in Mecca are the Raffles Mecca Palace which gains the highest ratings because of its services and the best fares, and fortunately, it is not very far from the Haram. Others are Swisshotel, A Fairmont Hotel and many others now offer the competitive facilities for the Azmeen come from all around the world.

And when you Arrive the Holy Destination

During the holy days like Ramadan and Zilhajj, It is advised to land in Medina. Because Jeddah Airport is small and there is a very busy schedule of flights in the mentioned airport during the holy occasions like Hajj. You will be stuck for hours getting out pass and collecting your luggage, after 3,4 hectic airport adventure, you will be reaching your destination hotel. Better is to arrive in Medina so that you will not face any mishap and bad experience because very few flights land there, there is great stress of arrivals is in Jeddah. Hotels from Medina airport are also near, it will save your time and energies. And the fares of the flights to Medina are also cheap, as a solo traveler, what else you will need to have a wonderful experience over your dream place.

Your next destination then is Mecca, you will get to Mecca through the bus service arranged by the travel agency or you can book your tour through the cab service.

Don’t forget to change the currency and take the Sim card

It is a common practice for the travelers, if you are not the routine traveler then you need to know that take the Sim card first to be informed and let your loved ones informed about your arrival and to keep them updated. But would you do that by Pounds or Dollars? You first have to change your currency.

Saudi Currency is the Saudia Riyal. You will get the rate of 3.75 riyals in exchange of 1 US Dollar and 4.75 riyals in exchange for one pound. These are the rates for the time the article is been written, It is for a general knowledge,  it can vary time to time.

Saudi Arabia is now a meld of traditional old culture and modernity.  You will get things with cash but there is the option of Credit/Debit card everywhere on every next step. You will find ATM machines on the gas stations and the shopping malls. Better is to have the local currency in your wallet anytime.

What will you Eat and Drink is important

You must’ve known to the leading middle eastern Shwarma before, well in Saudi Arabia, you can get the very delicious Shwarma of many kids for only 4,5 SR. What? Only 4,5 SR? Yes, Saudi Arabia is a very cheap country with respect to the food and famous in its traditional foods. There are a number of restaurants which you can opt for having the hygienic food during your blessed journey, remember, you have to take care of your health so you can be able to accomplish with your journey with no trouble. So, find the place to have hygienic food. You will have Fast food opportunities in a town like Albaik, Mcdonalds, etc.

Traveling solo could have the marvelous and unforgettable memories if you would not face any daunting experience there, So keep everything pre-planned. It is your spiritual and a very personal journey, We are wishful for you to bring the soulful experiences along with you.

Aafia Khalid
Aafia Khalid, lives in Leeds, United Kingdom, and is originally from Egypt. She has a love for reading and writing about travel experiences, travel destinations, and the teaching of Islam.
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