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Travel Tips: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Thinking of a long winter holiday or a move? Here are some travel tips and information that will help
you. For country-specific information, visit the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada website. It even
offers a registration service for Canadians abroad, so that the government can easily trace you and help
you in the event of a natural disaster or war.

Tips and information about medical services while traveling
Consult a health professional six to eight weeks before you leave to determine if you need specific
vaccines or preventative medications. Make sure your immunizations (ie, tetanus, diphtheria, polio,
measles) are up to date.
It is usually easy to get medical care in large urban centers, but it can be more difficult in more remote
areas, especially in waterfront resorts. In any event, you will likely have to pay for care, and prices may
be unregulated and therefore high. You cannot rely entirely on the health insurance plan in your
province when you are abroad, and will likely need to take out travel insurance before you leave. Keep
the document handy and leave a copy with a friend or family member at home. If your absence lasts
longer than the period allowed by your medical insurance plan (usually six months), you will have to take
out comprehensive insurance.

Make sure that the medicines you bring are legal and easy to find in the country you are visiting. Leave
prescription drugs in their original container, which you will keep in your purse. Bring the amount you
need for the duration of your stay, as well as your prescription. Always consult a doctor before buying medicine that is manufactured in the country you are visiting.

Tips about your car insurance and finding airport parking
If you intend to driving in Canada or in abroad, you may have to take out car insurance before you leave because there is
a good chance your insurance will not cover you outside the country. Even if it costs more, it is
recommended to take full guarantee insurance before leaving. It might also be useful for you to make
your international driving license; in this case, contact the CAA.

While travelling, you may need airport parking for setting your car. For that, you can facilitated by internet. You can find the best airport parking on the internet within a short time. It will help to prevent wasting your time.

Travel tips for buying a property
If you intend to buy a property abroad, it is advisable to consult a lawyer, property transactions, laws
And practices being sophisticated and may differ considerably from those in Canada. Also, rent
the government does not always regulate agreements, and in case of disagreement, you may need to
hire a local lawyer.

Precautions for your pet

Consult your veterinarian before leaving to make sure that your dog's, cat's, or other pet's vaccination
and health declaration papers are in order, as most countries require.

Board trip about your work
If you are thinking about working abroad, check the requirements before you leave. In most cases, you
must obtain a work permit before you go, the majority of countries do not allow a foreigner to work
there if he entered as a tourist, without a work permit.

Most states impose restrictions on items that foreigners can bring. Cuba prohibits cell phones, GPS
equipment, small appliances, as well as fruits and vegetables. Both Cuba and Mexico require an import
license for charitable donations. Panama requires all foreigners to have a credit card with a minimum
margin of $ 500, while Tunisia does not allow the import or export of Tunisian dinars and needs all
foreign currencies to be declared. These restrictions differ from one country to another and are
regularly updated. Therefore, before leaving Canada, make sure you know the conditions of entry into
the country and the list of items that are prohibited.

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