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Traversing through the heart of cosmopolitanism: visiting New York

There are very few places in the world, which are truly cosmopolitan in nature. New York is definitely one of them. Home to thousands, this city has opened its arms to people from far and abroad. From Chinese to Greeks to French to Indian, you will find almost every ethnicity lighting-up the streets of New York. The charm of this city lies in its cosmopolitan nature and its lovely urban architecture, with sky-scrappers reaching for the stars. Well, if you are a city lover at heart, then New York is the city for you!

What kind of travellers does New York attract?

When it comes to travelling, people often picture quiet places and contemplation in solitude amidst the beauty of nature. But, there are travellers who love the hustle bustle, love people and enjoy walking through the crowds – these are your city lovers and this is the kind of traveller that make their way to New York from across the globe. The fact that finding a Best hotel in new York of your choice might be a little tricky considering that this city is always bustling with travel enthusiasts, but if you are a city lover and New York is in your bucket list, then we suggest that you start getting your booking done as soon as possible. If you are a city person, who would love to enjoy a skyline of sky-scrappers with people rushing by, then New York is the city for you. 

How to reach New York?

Being one of the top metropolitans of the world, it is but natural that New York is some of the most well-connected cities in the world. Well, when it comes to international travel then you can take any flight to JFK. There are various direct as well as connecting flights to the city and hence finding one will definitely not be problem for you. You will require a pre-arrival visa in order to enter New York when travelling internationally. You will not require a visa if you are moving within the country, like say from Chicago to New York. The visa application process is quite a long one and you will have to appear for an interview if you want to enter the USA. So, it is best that you get started with the visa application as soon as you can. Book your flight tickets only after you have gotten the visa sanctioned. The US embassy is very particular and hence you need to make sure that all your documents are in order. 

Exploring the best of New York

Once you are in New York, there will not dearth of activities for you. It is best to put up in the city itself, then you will be able to explore all the landmarks of the city. Well, let us find out what are the places that you have to visit when you are in the biggest metropolitan in the world: 

  • Begin with the most iconic centre of the city – the empire state building. This towering structure is one of the main iconic markers that this city boasts of. It’s specialty? Well, apart from being one of the most active trading centres of the city, you can also climb up to the top of the building and catch an aerial glimpse of the city – which is believed to be one of the most beautiful sites in the world. 
  • During the morning, catch a ferry and head out to visit the Statue of Liberty. Located on the Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty stands as the symbol of the USA. Head out to the city port and get a ferry from there and then travel to the island. It will take you hardly half an hour to reach there and then you can again take a return ferry back. Some people also enjoy a ferry ride and witness this wonder from a distance as well without getting off at the island. Taking the ferry ride however is an essential must. 
  • The most happening place of the city – the Times Square is a must visit. No matter where you put up, make sure you make your way to Times Square at night. Bustling with activities in the morning, since the headquarters of some of the biggest companies are located here, at night, the city streets transform themselves into centres of entertainment. Every day they are well lit with people who dress up and come from a stroll through the cities. From eating fries to catching local artists’ performance, every day in Times Square is a festival. 
  • Located in Times Square, you can also catch a show at Broadway. When it comes to theatre and entertainment, you might call this one the place from where it all begins and where it all comes back. For every theatre and opera lover, catching a show at the Broadway is a must!
  • No trip to New York will be complete without a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or more popularly known as MOMA. Wonderful specimens of modern art are all housed here starting right from the master Vinci himself. From classic paintings to experimental modern art, MOMA is indeed a house of wonders. There are sometimes live artists performing as well, which add to the beauty of the place. A visit to this museum is a must when you are in New York. 
  • Ah, and Central Park. This is the breather of the city. Located in the centre, yet so far removed from the hustle bustle, Central Park is the place to take a walk, go for a jog, spend some quality time in nature with your loved ones, all the while enjoying fun activities that keep on happening here from time to time. 

These are some of the places that makes New York the city that is. Of the food that you should try here, the classic favourite is none other than hot dog. Try them from the city stalls for a taste of the city! So, what are you waiting for? 

Start planning your trip to New York, today!

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