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Treatment for Heart Disorder at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj

Heart diseases are common these days. Many people are diagnosed with heart disorders. The disorder includes heart defect, chest pain, heart failure and cardiac arrest. We can't deny that changing an inactive lifestyle is the sole reason. Therefore it becomes ess entail doing a health check-up once in a while. Besides, cardiology is the branch of medicine which deals with heart disorders. It may include the study and treatment of heart diseases. You may wonder how to find treatment for heart-related problems under one roof. Thus Fortis Flt, Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital has a provision of medical facilities. 

Besides coronary artery disease and valvular disease are also observed in the people. If you struggle with a chronic heart condition, seek medical advice as chronic conditions are not revealed in the primary stage. 

Why choose Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj?

Finding all the medical facilities under one roof is quite tedious. Thus Fortis Flt, Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital Vasant Kunj, is a one-stop solution for all medical conditions. Besides, the hospital has a dedicated cardiology department. It offers the best medical practice to cater to all heart-related problems. Yet, the hospital has a dedicated team of professional doctors. 

Besides, the hospital has a provision of the latest technology and medical equipment. They have cardiac surgeons, heart specialists and superior nurses. They make sure that the heart patient gets the proper treatment for the same. 

However, the doctors are highly trained and perform challenging cases. In addition, the hospital has set a benchmark by following the global standards of medical treatment. 

What treatments can you expect for heart disease?

It might be very discomforting to struggle with heart disease. Thus it is essential to know what treatments are provided by the hospital. Following are the standard treatment for heart disorder:

  • Angioplasty: In this procedure, the doctor inserts a tiny balloon into the vein and pushes the plague against the walls. It is done to increase the blood flow. Thus, angioplasty is used to treat clogged arteries. 
  • Stenting: It is done in conjunction with angioplasty. It is a small metal coil that keeps a hold on clogged arteries. 
  • Cardiac electrophysiology: It is used to study the electrical activity of heartbeats. The doctors use this technique to monitor rhythmic heart activity.
  • Stress tests: It is highly used to diagnose heart condition under physical stress. The stress test is a form of exercise activity majorly used by the cardiologist. It records the heart activity and joint conditions. 
  • CT scans: This provides images of the affected area in the heart. However, the cardiologist essentially uses this technique for the monitoring of heart conditions. 
  • Heart monitors: heart monitors are used to monitor the cardiac activity of the heart. It is also known as the tape recorder of your heart conditions.

The Invasive cardiology treatment -

If you are struggling with blood vessels or valvular problems, the hospital has a provision for that too. Invasive cardiology deals with the study of the heart and its blood vessels. In invasive cardiology, it is essential to operate on accurate diagnosis and management. The department also offers rehabilitation services. In case you wonder what treatments are provided under invasive cardiology. Following are the invasive cardiology treatment:

  • Mitral valve repair and replacement
  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Thoracotomy
  • Tricuspid valve repair and replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Cardiac arrest  treatment
  • Laparoscopic techniques 
  • Advanced robotics

Thus Fortis Flt, Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital Vasant Kunj, offers their best practice for invasive cardiology. 

Surgical treatment for a Heart disorder -

Surgical interventions are complex when it involves heart conditions. Thus, the department of CTVS makes sure all the surgical procedures are held successfully. The cardiothoracic surgeries are severe to handle. There are various surgical procedures for heart disorder which is as follows:

  • Aortic surgery: In this surgery, the aortic aneurysms is repaired during the procedure. The doctor may proceed for the endoscopic to find the cause of the problem.
  • Arrhythmia surgery is a surgical procedure that corrects irregular heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation or ventricular condition.
  • Corrective surgery: It is a heart defect that is found in children. Corrective surgery is the treatment for the genetic heart defect.
  • Bypass surgery: This surgery creates another route for blood to flow towards the heart. It helps in treating the blood vessels. However, doctors prefer bypass surgery to process blood vessels. 
  • Heart transplant: A diseased heart is taken out and replaced with a healthy one. A heart transplant is processed when the heart fails to function correctly. 
  • Awake Surgery: It is a surgery that is performed in the wakeful state of the patient. 

Heart disorders can be severe; therefore, it is essential to take critical care of the heart. Yet, it is necessary to practice a healthy lifestyle and perform exercise. A moderate exercise is always beneficial for the well-being of the spirit. It is an advantage to avoid alcohol and smoking. In case you are detected with a heart disorder, then seek immediate medical advice. A routine check-up will help you to get the proper treatment. 

Credihealth benefits- 

Fortis Flt, Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital Vasant Kunj is a healthcare partner with Credihealth. Thus we provide you with all medical facilities at one stop. The doctors and cardiologists are present at Credihealth to serve you their best medical practice. If you are diagnosed with heart failure or disorder, book a consultation. You can call on 8010-994-994 and secure your online appointment with the doctor. If you want a medical facility or a second opinion, the doctors can provide their best service. 

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