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Treatment Options of Various Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Whenever you have engaged in unprotected sex with your partner, the risk of getting infected with any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) becomes extremely high. At that time, you should go for a test or annual exam even there is no trace of early signs or symptoms.

For positive test report, both of you and your partner must take necessary treatment as it can be fatal sometimes too although rarely! Detection of STDs is mainly done via anal and genital secretion, urine, blood test, Pap smear and physical exam. In this post, you will get to know about some effective treatment options of some common STDs. So, let’s start reading.

What are the treatment options available for STDs?

It is very foolish to try to treat any STD all by yourself as these are highly contagious and can be severe on time. Therefore, the first step you must take is to visit a doctor.

Certain ways are there to treat STDs on the basis of their severity. Antiobiotics are efficient for treating bacterial STDs on their initial stage. Specific medications are there for monitoring the symptoms of viral STDs as they can’t be cured completely. Hepatitis B vaccine is already there to prevent you from this infection. But once you are infected it has of no use.

Antibiotics should be taken continuously still all the symptoms get disappeared. Never take the suggestions of any non-professional person as it can make the infection worse and tough to treat. Specific treatment options of some STDs are mentioned here for your reference:


AIDS cannot be cured and so its treatment process deals on keeping the levels of HIV under control. To treat the infection, standard therapy is used in which antiretroviral drugs are given to the patients. A combination of many drugs (also known as cocktail) is prescribed to the infected persons. However, the efficiency of the antiretroviral therapy is still in mist.

Some prefer it is better to use initially whereas some believe it can be used later due to its notable side effects and increased intensity of drug resistance on time. Therefore, you are highly advised to consult with a doctor to know whether it will be beneficial to start antiretroviral therapy or not!

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea

Antibiotics work fantastically to treat these STDs. You should undergo a test at any nearby walk in STI clinic in London prior to start taking these medications. Only if the test report is found to be positive or identified you as an exposure to any of these then only you can take the antibiotics. Sometimes it stays dormant or asymptomatic in the body and so STD test is vital.

Your partner should undergo treatment as well irrespective of observing any early signs or symptoms in the body.  A few Gonorrhoea strains are resistant to antibiotics and so you have to take more number of drugs and medication to combat the disease.

The reproductive organs of the infected person can get damaged permanently if the infections can’t be treated on time. As a result, women will become infertile and can’t conceive anymore. For Chlamydia, test is necessary after 3-month of treatment even if the partner is treated.   


Syphilis is widely treated with the help of penicillin. The procedure of initial treatment usually comprises of the prevention of the bacteria from getting spread resulting in the damage of other body organs.

Genital herpes

Once Genital Herpes invades the body, it will survive there for the rest of your life! The flaring or outbreak of herpes will be prominent several times after the first invasion but with time the intensity will get lowered down. In such instances, antiviral medications like acyclovir (Zovirax), valacyclovir (Valtrex) and famciclovir (Famvir) are given for lessening the severity and length of both subsequent and initial outbreaks.

To control frequent outbreaks, suppressive therapy is proven to be most effective. This procedure involves the intake of doctor-recommended medicine throughout the therapy period for the prevention against further outbreaks.

Genital warts

 Till date no proper treatment option is found for Genital Warts. But interestingly, in most of the cases the viruses get cleared on their own. This is why sometimes the doctor adheres not to perform any treatment procedure or prescribes any medicine to the patient.

However, still there is a pale chance of being the carrier of virus and transmit it to your partner’s body unknowingly during any sexual activity. By the way certain effective options are there for treating the warts. Application of prescribed medication and OTCs (over-the-counters) and freezing them are the primary choices of treatment.

In case, it remains non-responsive to these applicants then surgery is recommended for permanent removal. As it only remove the warts still you can remain infected and can transfer it to anybody else.  

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B treatment actually involves of the procedure to resist the further liver damage. It does so by protecting the virus from getting multiplied in the body. Successive 5 drugs get the approval of use to treat Hepatitis B in adults and even some new ones are there on the way.

These are pegylated interferon, interferon alpha, lamivudine, entecavir and adefovir. As each one of them comes with certain merits and demerits, doctor consultation is a must before your start taking any of them. In case there is severe liver damage then immediate liver transplant is the only solution left for the patients.


A specific drug known as metronidazole is used for treating the infection caused by Trichomoniasis. It has been proved to be most effective with the cure rate of about 90%. It is prescribed to the infected pregnant women only in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Even the drug is given to the opposite partner for eliminating the chance of reinfection. After undergoing the treatment, a test is a must after 3 months to check that there is no existence of infection. It can only happen in case the partner is treated as well.

These are the specific treatment options of common STDs. Whenever, you are exposed to unprotected test, get tested for STDs quickly. You can do so by booking an appointment or visiting directly at a walk in STI clinic in London. Despite of the report stay connected with your doctor always for the sexual health awareness and undergo treatment at the initial stage (if any STD is found). 

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