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Trend Alert: 9 tips to apply biophilic design

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During the outbreak, we grasped the importance of being close to nature, biophilic designs in the home interior booming also was expected, precisely as thinking previous experience of it that was in motion slowly to show itself up deliberately!


You can find inspiration with little tiny reason to turn your attention to the circumstances that keep you away from nature in your sanctuary. As a result, the motto of bringing nature into your home came into the field that you can not force yourself to get away with. 


Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, those living in cosmopolitan have understood the importance of being intertwined with nature, which on these days when our mood is unstable and our stress levels are high, we also have noticed the power of home decoration to bring joy to life.


The biophilic design trend, which includes nature - we had to stay away from for awhile -, has started to rise in order to boost our mood in our homes, which we use both as living and working spaces and where we spend much longer than usual.


There are simple interior design tips you can apply to create the feeling of being more contiguity with nature in your home.

1- Invite the Daylight Inside

Allow maximum daylight to enter your home. Arrange your study, reading and sitting areas close to windows.

2- Think Your Walls Like Canvas

Not all of us are lucky enough to look at landscapes. So use your walls as canvas and bring nature scenes into your home with decoration elements such as large landscape paintings or photographs, botanical patterned wallpapers.

3- Make Room for Wooden Furniture

Natural wood furniture with natural shapes and patterns is one of the easiest and most elegant ways to bring nature into your home. Wooden framed mirrors or cut wooden or coffee tables can be ideal choices.

4- Use Natural Materials

Just like natural wood, materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, linen, stone, rattan and wicker should come to the fore in your accessory choices to add a pleasant natural atmosphere to your decoration.

5- Get Inspired by Nature in Color Palettes

You can also highlight the biophilic trend with your color choices using color palettes such as the relaxing greens of a forest, the gorgeous tones of the sun setting after the sea or the earthy colors of a hill.

6- Don't Underestimate the Power of Scent

Activate your sense of smell with forest or tree scented candles or diffusers.

7- Host Air-Purifying Plants

Whether in pots or in the form of a vertical garden… The air cleaner plants you add to your decoration will allow you to breathe better quality air in your home. Plants such as love ladder, ribbon flower, bamboo palm stand out with their air-purifying properties.

8- Go for Biophilic Patterns

By turning to honeycomb tiles in your bathroom or kitchen tiles, you can also capture a natural ambiance here.

9- Don't Forget The Water Elements

Even if it is a very small accessory, a decoration element that will carry the sight and sound of water into your home can be a great idea.

Sum up;

This new approach sees interior design not only as an aesthetic or functional discipline, but also as a way to improve people's mental and physical well-being. But biophilic design involves much more than adding plants to interiors. It aims to reconnect with nature by consciously incorporating nature into interior or architectural design, bringing open air to our built environment.

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