Trend Analysis: Helping You Understand Your Audience’s Behaviour Post Quarantine


As a business person, it is your responsibility to duly understand your audience and their requirements. This will not only help you in understanding their bewilderments but also their search behaviors. Here is when Trend Analysis steps in.

Trend Analysis has been playing an important role in marketing for a long time. It assists you in understanding the basics of your potential customer's decision-making behaviors and provides you with an advantage to maneuver those behaviors into your favor. This concept is not new to the world and many of you have been making use of it for ages.

Everyone is aware of this pandemic situation and knows that the world is in a constant state of unrest and this instability is highly impacting your audience's decision-making. These shifts can be noticed by keeping a track of how your customers have started to interact with the search bars. These changes are critical because you will need to predict the long-term impacts and incorporate certain strategic shifts in your business plans.

Trend analysis is basically understanding variations in consumer's search interests and identifying new emerging search trends differences. Additionally, it not only helps your business with the SEO trend. Anyhow, if you have any query regarding this then, you can surely reach out to Mighty Warner.

So how are you going to identify these shifts? Let's see how.

The only solid data point you need to focus on is the search volume data. And to do that you need to break down the events which have impacted your customer’s search pattern due to this COVID19 situation, like:


     Travel restrictions have been imposed on travel industries

     Stay-at-home order restrictions have slowed down several industrial works

     Quarantine in itself has jolted all industries

     Financial relief efforts have enhanced wealth management, finance, & insurance industries


The above mentioned are some of the handful of events that have played a part in changing your audience’s behavioral patterns and further, we will discuss how to manipulate these events into favorable conditions for your business.


Usual vs Unusual Search Trends

To benefit from any type of change in the surroundings in this pandemic scenario you have to first get a hold onto differences that have surfaced during this time. This huge contrast between previous and current searches is your key to success in the coming future. Once you have a clear-cut baseline for your "unusual" search audiences, you will be able to understand their needs with ease, and your ability to foresee the future will let you serve them accurately before any of your competitors.


Get your hands on Google Trends

Google Trends is a “go-to” tool when you want to hastily grasp the search differences happening over time. A great thing about Google Trends is that it's free. So if you want to take a look into the quarantine search differences you can opt for this. Trends analysis has significantly shown that during this time we are substituting our outgoing needs by staying at home activities which not only include the entertainment area but also taking up new hobbies like cooking, redecorating, expressing with creativity and even our clothing styles have changed from formals/ semi-formals to loungewear.

These trend variations can surely benefit your business if you invest in them in the given or upcoming period.

Turning Trend Insights into Actions

With the help of Trends Analysis, you now have an insight into how quarantine has impacted your audience, therefore, you will be able to serve them with the best services right away. You can now proactively predict their future demands that may result from the coming agitations and can reactively service their current needs at the time of disruption.

Trends Analysis also Facilitates Comparison

While using Trends Analysis you can also analyze the comparisons between various companies with the help of a well-charted comparison analysis. This comparison chart also provides you with your company’s performance with the industry average. This will allow you to do in-depth research of your strengths and weaknesses with respect to the other operating firms in the industry and will further help you fill gaps between your business's current and future position.       


It doesn't matter if your business is small or big. The COVID19 situation has taken a toll on every kind of business in the market but only the wise one will be able to exploit this business opportunity with dexterity.

Trend analysis can reveal valuable insights that guide you to valuable data-driven actions, such as:

           Metadata iterations and optimization

     Strategy planning of road map for future implications

     Content creation and additions

     Internal linking opportunities

     Keyword targeting opportunities based on the audience's interests


Be the wise one and make use of Trends Analysis to its fullest. And, for more such interesting blogs visit Mighty Warner's blog.