Friday, September 29, 2023
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Trending Mobile App Development jobs Category in Nepal

Either you are an experienced IT professional or IT student seeking an entry-level job in the IT industry. There is numerous Mobile App development job category available in IT job market these days. Starting from simple drag and drop app designer to solution architect. But, before choosing the most trending one, we have looked at few statistics from different job posting websites, companies, and various posts on LinkedIn too.

Getting a job in the IT industry is not a big deal if you have a specific skill set. Also, if you are trained to understand the basic terms and fundamentals of IT, then you might get a job sooner than other people without IT knowledge in other industries too. 

But, let's discuss the IT job industry. Let's look t the trending job categories in the IT industry in Nepal.

React Native is Javascript Framework that is used to build mobile applications. React Native helps developers to design beautiful user interfaces along with fast loading features even in the low-end device.

With the rise in smartphone usage and rapid growth of the internet among people. The need for mobile applications has risen excessively during 2021. COVID also skyrocketed the use of the internet and smartphone usage. Starting from normal adult people to children to elderly people, everyone uses the internet that too in a smartphone these days.

This excessive rise helps React Native Developers to get their job easily. Even, companies are looking for people with less experience (entry-level) to the top-level ( Senior level) to build the native mobile application. Almost all companies working in mobile app development fields are hiring react native developers these days.

Javascript, a simple yet the most advanced and free tool to develop any system. Whether we are developing a web application/desktop application/ or mobile application, javascript is the most essential thing in system development. Nearly half of the IT jobs are associated with javascript these days. 

Being the most advanced scripting language, javascript allows developers to create an extraordinary layout or design to attract users. Also, if we want to add more features to the system, javascript plays a vital role. 

There are different libraries and frameworks of javascript. Some of them react, angular, vue.js. This tool helps developers to complete the task faster than expected. That too with great design and responsive layout. 

Flutter is a tool to design and develop cross-platform applications easily and effectively. It is Google's UI Toolkit to craft applications for Mac, Linux, iOS Android, and windows. With a single codebase, one can create an application that can be run in various OS. 

Flutter jobs in Nepal are trending because it is easy, fast and good for cross-platform app development. Also, using flutter one can be a full-stack application developer. If you are planning to make a career in all aspects of system development, flutter might be the best option for you.

  • iOS Jobs in Nepal

iOS is a premium mobile brand. Being premium the quality of the application that can be run on the iOS platform has to be at its top. Also, iOS app development cost more than android app development.

iOS user in Nepal is increasing daily and the need of building a premium app for the premium audience is necessary for business owners. Also, businesses are targeting all platform users to drag them to become their customers. This is why the job is trending and, it's time to grab the best one for you. 


Mobile App development has always been an exciting and enjoyable task for IT professionals. Not only with job aspect but also with another aspect too, the career for IT student in the mobile app is increasing. To build a career in Mobile App Development, one needs to understand the fundamentals of mobile apps along with maximizing user experience to make better performance. 

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