Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Trends in Healthy Eating

Everywhere you look, there are more specialty diets emerging promising to make you slimmer, fitter and feel better. The truth is, not every diet works for every person. Sometimes you must try several different plans before you find the one that fits your habits and lifestyle.

Immune Support Diet

Staying healthy is on everyone’s minds these days, but it’s hard to know what the best way is to do that. One way to sort through the noise is to imagine that your health is like a giant puzzle and you have to fit in all the pieces. For some people that means taking certain vitamins like C or E. For others, it means adding in helpings of extra immune-supporting foods like berries and broccoli. And for still others, it means reading Le-Vel thrive reviews to help you understand how to complete a full top-to-bottom diet overhaul.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is still around much to the chagrin of sandwich shops everywhere. This diet emphasizes eating like your (way way back) ancestors did. If you can find a woolly mammoth to spear, you’re on the right track. Under paleo rules, mealtime is simple. Cook meat (without sauce), and for dessert, eat a handful of nuts and berries. Obviously, anything processed is a big no-no. If meat is your favorite food group, this could be the diet you stick to.

Mediterranean Diet

The formula for this diet has also been around for quite a long time. Based on research that shows that Greeks tend to have fewer instances of heart disease and diabetes than Americans, a Mediterranean diet focuses on seafood, tomatoes, olive oil, whole grains and vegetables. In other words, what you would expect your Greek housekeeper to make you for dinner every night if you rented a cottage on Corfu. You’re not necessarily going to shed weight on this diet, but your overall health should improve.

Intermittent Fasting

Although to some, the word “fasting” sounds more like a torture than an eating plan, intermittent fasting is gaining popularity. The idea is that you break the snacking cycle and reset your body’s metabolism. If you’re too busy to eat anyway, this might be the perfect diet to try. Choose an 8-hour window (Most people pick 12pm-8pm, but it’s up to you.) and refrain from eating outside of this block of time. If you’re not a breakfast eater and regularly wait until noon to eat, you’re already halfway there.

Plant-Based Diet

More than just a vegetarian of days gone by, a plant-based diet emphasizes sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Proteins are mostly found from plants, such as seeds, nuts and peas, but free-range and grass-fed animal sources are okay too. Proponents of this diet advocate waste-free packaging. If there is a farmer’s market near you, and you like the idea of going green, you may do well with this eating plan.

Keto Diet

If you try to live gluten and sugar free, you may find following the Keto diet easier than most. A modified version of the original fat-full diet emphasizes plenty of protein plus fat sourced from almonds, avocados and coconut. Sugar is as completely removed from the diet as possible, and bread is avoided at all costs.

Volumetrics Diet

If you’re pretty good at listening to what your body is telling you, especially when it tells you you’re full, the Volumetrics diet might meet your needs. On this diet, you eat foods that are low in calories that fill you up quickly like broth, carrots and kale and especially water. If you feel full, you’ll eat less, according to theory. However, if you’re the type who eats through the pain because it tastes so good, this program might not be your best bet.

The most important part of any diet is to get healthy. For some this might include a weight-loss component. For others, it may be about feeling more energetic or getting a better night’s sleep. For a diet to work its magic, you must stick with it. Choose an eating plan that is doable for you, or you won’t last more than a few days on it no matter what it is.

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