Tricks on How To Handle An Online Test With Ease


With all the advantages of studying online, more and more students have enrolled for online studies. To match the demand, more institutions have introduced online learning to their course offering.

As such, many students are finding themselves having to sit online exams. At the same time, it might not seem like it; sitting online exams can have the same level of anxiety for online students as it does for regular students sitting their exams in an exam hall at school.

If you are soon sitting an online test, here are some tricks on tackling it like a pro.

1. Understand The Test Format

At times, a fear of the unknown can be the root cause of your worry. One way to quiet this is by familiarizing yourself with what to expect.

Most online learning platforms will provide past exams on their portals; if not, you can ask your course instructors to post some.


Use these to look at what to expect. First, look at the format, that is, will you get multiple-choice questions, essay questions or mixed formats. Next, look at the timings provided, marks awarded per section and so on.

You can even go ahead and attempt a few tests to see how well you would measure up. These actions should help you increase your confidence.

2. Check Your Resurges

You want to focus on the test questions and perform at your best, not worrying about your resources and troubleshooting issues.

For this reason, ensure that the computer or laptop you will be using for testing is in good condition and that it has the correct and updated versions of the required hard and software before the test day.

Another thing you need to check on is your internet connection as you do not want it timing out during the exam; this can eat into your time and cause frustration. Both these scenarios do not support good performance.

Similarly, test your competence at any tools you intend to use at the exam. For example, if you will be using the quick Z score calculator with steps, test it out before D-day.

3. Study Your Material

Some online tests are open-book, meaning you are allowed to consult your books during a test. While this is advantageous, it does not in any way mean that you can forego revising your notes, being attentive in class and giving your studies the time and attention required.

Often, test questions will call for a thorough understanding of the subject matter and its applications. These are not things you might have in your notes. The time allotment can also be restricting, disallowing you to take too much reading through your notes.

Therefore, commit to your studies, reading your notes and internalizing what you have learnt.

4. Keep Your Eye On The Clock

While you want to give your full attention to the exam, you must also watch the time.

Most tests will shut off once the allowable time lapses, regardless of how much or how little you have covered. So one way to go about it is to allocate specific time to each section of the test.

The other way is to start with questions you can easily tackle. This ensures you bag all the guaranteed marks first before getting onto the more challenging questions that will likely take up more of your time.

Final Word

The key to acing online tests largely relies on your preparation. Ensure everything is in working order, review your study material thoroughly, practice mock trials, and keep good time throughout the exam.