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Tulsa Child Custody Lawyer

Tulsa Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is among the most challenging issues that arise in divorce. The decisions you make in the process will not only affect you, but your children. With the assistance of a competent Tulsa child custody lawyer you will get the results you're legally entitled to. Get in touch with The Denton Law Firm today for an initial consultation for free regarding the child custody issue or divorce. (918) 631-781.

This is the Child Custody Procedure within Tulsa, Oklahoma

Child custody issues arise at the time the divorce papers are filed. While most people view child custody as a matter which is resolved after divorce the issue of the issue of child custody within Tulsa, Oklahoma, is usually addressed earlier during divorce.

Oklahoma law permits the court to grant temporary custody of children in divorce proceedings. The court's decision follows the same process as is for permanent custody and awards. This means that children who are granted temporary custody may result in a hearing or trial when parents aren't in a position to come to an agreement that the court will approve of. If you're not prepared and don't get the help of an Tulsa child custody lawyer You could end up extremely disappointed by the outcome of this trial. Don't allow this to happen to you.

A lot of times, the court will leave the child with the parent they are currently living with to ensure that it does not disrupt the life of the kid. This is why it's crucial to not cede custody of your child your spouse during divorce or separation. This is only one of many things that a knowledgeable child custody attorney Tulsa Ok lawyer from The Denton Law Firm will be in a position to assist you.

Once temporary custody of the child is determined and the divorce process continues and the court will decide on child custody. As you go through your divorce the court will hold another hearing regarding child custody which can result in an permanent child custody decree. Due to the authority of the permanent custody order, it's essential that you speak with an experienced Tulsa child custody lawyer who will stand up for your rights. Denton Law Firm Denton Law Firm is fully ready and equipped to safeguard you and your kids no regardless of the circumstances.

What do you determine Child Custody determined by Tulsa, Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma child custody decisions are made by the judge based on the "Best Interest of the Child" standard. In simpler instances, parents can come to an agreement on a child custody agreement and the court then accepts the parents agreement. However, in certain cases parents can't reach an agreement and the court is forced to conduct a trial regarding child custody. If the court decides that the child is old enough to be allowed, the court can allow the child to specify the place he or she would like to reside. Oklahoma law says that it's presumed that children aged 12 or older are of sufficient maturity to be able to answer this question. The judge does not have to abide by what the child has to say however, it is something which the court has to consider. In both simple and more complicated cases, the knowledge and counsel from an experienced Tulsa legal firm for child custody such as Denton Law Firm Denton Law Firm can make an immense difference to the final outcome the case.

In the past, Oklahoma and Tulsa courts believed that the best home for children was the mother. This law has been removed from the statutes. Instead both parents are treated equally when deciding how to award custody of children. The court will then take into consideration various factors in determining which parent is most beneficial to the child. Find our article here on what factors the Court considers when determining Tulsa Child Custody. These are crucial and you must be able to find an Tulsa child custody law firm who can present these arguments in court for you.

What Kinds of Parental Custody What are they?

Child custody can be found in three different forms. In you Tulsa divorce will decide on the custody to your child or children who are granted any of the three forms of custody. These kinds of custody differ and it is crucial to choose a skilled Tulsa child custody lawyer to represent you in your divorce as well as child custody concerns. We at the Denton Law Firm can help.

Sole Custody

Sole custody is the term used to describe when one parent receives the entire decision making power over the kid. Other parents (typically called the "Non-Custodial Parent") typically has the right to visit. But, the Non-Custodial Parent is not able to have an voice or say in any decision made about the manner in which the child's educated, raised or treated in any other way.

Joint Custody

Joint custody refers to the situation where both parents share control of the decision-making authority over their child. Joint custody is generally only granted when both parents can prove the court that they can get with each other enough to engage in discussions about the wellbeing, education, and raising for the children or child. In the event that the divorce case is extremely hot and contentious, then the court will be more likely to deny the joint custody of Tulsa due to the possibility that parents could end up before the court once more. If parents are able to work to reach a joint custody agreement this is usually beneficial to the wellbeing of their children.

Physical Custody

Physical Custody refers how much time that each parent spends with their child. The Court will determine the amount of time each parent is given the physical custody of their child. In many cases, the Court will determine on the amount of "over-nights" each parent gets and then determine a plan to transfer the physical control of the child. The orders for physical custody will typically not just contain the amount of "overnights" but will also determine who is entitled to physically custody over the child and on the holiday.

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