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Turning Your Lake House Into Your Dream Vacation Destination

A lake house is highly desirable among folks looking for a place to spend their summer days at. Not only do you have access to your own private area of the lake, but you can go boating and swimming, all without dealing with tourists or paying annoying fees. But maybe you want more than a lake house. Perhaps you're looking for ways that you can turn your home into your dream vacation destination, so you never need to travel anywhere else ever again. Check out these ideas and see if you can use them to take your lake home to the next level.

Have Enough Space For Outdoor Games

Take inventory of how much space you have outside. Is there plenty of room to play games like volleyball, croquet or badminton? If not, would it be possible to clear away enough trees and other foliage so you could have the space you need? Consider your family's needs and any other things you enjoy doing during the summertime. Maybe you constantly have friends and family over to watch fireworks nearby or have a cookout or even just gather around a fire pit. Take these into account when thinking about cutting away trees or rearranging the way your land looks to make accommodations. The extra space could be just what you need.

Consider Having a Pool Put In

Perhaps you or your family members want a break from swimming in the lake. If the idea of a pool appeals to you, but you aren't sure how to make it happen, there are options if you need help financing inground pool. Pools can offer additional privacy and safety since you don't need to worry about the water being unclean or carrying any types of bugs or parasites that could be problematic down at the lake. A pool can be a useful way to teach young children how to swim, or even helpful if you want to gather and relax with family, but don't want to lug everything down to the beach. Heated water means you can enjoy the pool even earlier than you would the lake, or extend your water playtime later into fall. Having a pool by your lake house might seem to be too much at first glance, but it can give it that final touch of a dream home.

Think About Adding A Wrap-Around Deck

Wrap-around decks are popular with a variety of homes and not just those on the lakefront. However, if you see yourself doing a lot of entertaining things, they can be especially useful, since you can gather several friends and family and spend time together on the deck. They're also ideal for watching the sun rise or set, and make a good gathering place if fireworks are being set off nearby. Having a wrap-around deck can add value to your lake home if you ever try to sell it, as long as you take the time to care for and repair it as needed. Since it is closer to the house, it can be useful when trying to avoid mosquitos and other bugs, too.


Making your lake house look like a dream vacation home is possible if you know what types of adjustments to make. Check to see how much space you have for playing different types of games that appeal to your family. This makes it easier to have fun without the need to leave your home. If you get tired of the lake for swimming, consider having an inground pool put in. This gives you more privacy and can provide a lot of fun for everyone, including those learning to swim. Finally, consider having a wrap-around deck added if you don't have one already. It can provide more seating and be a useful way to avoid getting eaten alive by bugs while allowing you to nature watch at the same time. This advice can take your average summer home into a dream house by the lake that you'll never want to leave.

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