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Turtle Beach X12 Review

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Turtle Beach X12 ReviewClaimed by Turtle Beach to be “the definitive headset for gamers seeking amazing game sound, crystal-clear communication and enhanced comfort” this Turtle Beach X12 Review is most probably the best headset you’ll find for under $100. There are many cool features included with this headset with things such as bass boost control and microphone monitoring. We’ll take a look at all the features of this headset as well as what customers thought about them through this review, so be sure to read on for more.

Key Features in this Turtle Beach X12 Review

This headset is a replacement of the famed Ear Force X11′s, which were frankly fantastic. Let’s hope these X12′s can continue that trend! Turtle Beach produces this headset and are known for their great quality for both PC and Xbox gaming headsets at reasonable prices. Let’s jump straight into what this headset offers, and then I shall provide a review of the features below.

Firstly, here’s a video I found from Turtle Beach, which showcases this headset and it’s many qualities and features. I figure that’s a logical place to begin as it comes straight from the manufacturer! I will, of course, also provide a text-based representation of the Ear Force X12′s main features below. Enjoy.

And for those who prefer to read rather than to listen, here’s a list of features which some basic analysis, which I will follow up with a review later on.

  • Amplified Audio. Turtle Beach says this enhances games sound and, as such, creates a fantastically immersive experience.
  • Variable Bass Boost. Adds depth and realism to the game audio. I’m going to mention here that I’ve loved this feature since the very first Ear Force X1′s, and I hope it’s just as great on these X12′s.
  • USB Powered. This means no batteries are required. Pretty standard for a headset, but reassuring all the same.
  • Microphone. Essential on a gaming headset.

Some Other Features of the Turtle Beach X12′s

Here are some features which Turtle Beach doesn’t explicitly mention the X12, but which I can tell you with certainty it does include based on experience, pictures, and customer reviews.

There’s an in-line master switch built into this headset. This allows you to easily adjust the volume of both the game and your microphone. It, of course, also allows you to mute the microphone, which is important to be able to get done quickly when those unexpected interruptions from pesky family or friends occur! It also allows for easy control of the level of bass.

There’s a nicely cushioned headband that is adjustable to a very large set, which I suppose is a plus for those of you with, particularly large heads. In my experience, I’ve never experienced any discomfort with this, and I’ve often spent many hours continuously wearing the headset. The earpieces are also very nicely cushioned and provide a good quality of comfort.

Lastly, what I find to be a pretty nice feature of this product is microphone monitoring. This means you can hear your own voice back through the headset if you like, to be sure others who you’re talking to can hear you adequately.

A Turtle Beach X12 Review

The vast majority of people who purchased this headset from Amazon gave it a 5-star review, 232 out of 350 at the time of writing with a further 71 out of 350 giving a four stars review. That’s 303/350 rating 4 stars or above … not too shabby!

The sound quality of this headset is fantastic. The adjustable level of bass makes this all even better … being able to pinpoint the perfect level of bass for whatever you’re doing, be it gaming, chatting, watching a movie, or listening to music only with the spin of a dial is excellent. Great audio when playing games especially really adds to the experience, and this headset doesn’t disappoint in creating a truly immersive experience, as Turtle Beach promised!

The next most important thing in those tough multiplayer situations is to ensure you’re being heard when calling out tactics. And again, the Ear Force X12′s doesn’t disappoint here with a microphone that could pick up a pin drop. There have been the off few complaints saying the microphone is too sensitive! Some customers of reported the mic picking up the sound of them moving on their couch and similar movements – and obviously, you don’t want to be annoying the other players on your team by having constant background noise spilling through your mic. There’s nothing more frustrating than that! However, these complaints are frankly misguided as you can turn down the mic your computer or Xbox settings and voila problem solved.

During those long gaming sessions, you need to know that you’re going to be comfortable. There’s nothing worse than getting pains in your ears or head, thanks to a lousy headset. Thankfully, once again, the Ear Force X12′s come out with yet another trump feature to add to the already long list. The soft cushion headband, coupled with the luxuriously comfortable earpieces, leaves very little to be desired. Very satisfied over extended gaming periods and with customers commenting such things as “ultra-comfortable” and “extremely comfortable, even with glasses,” you can’t go wrong.

Something which certain people can find frustrating when first setting up this headset is the number of wires. Yes, there are a lot of cables and a lot of connections to hook up, and it can seem a little overwhelming when you first open the box. But we’re talking about five minutes at maximum to get this headset hooked up. Just search for a setup video on YouTube, and you’ll have it done in no time; anyone can do it quickly! A second somewhat negative comment as been the mic monitoring system, which is built into this headset. I think it comes down to personal preference – some people like to be able to hear themselves back so they can adjust their mic accordingly if they’re too loud or too quiet and some people don’t care! But again, personal preference, I suppose … I like the reassurance of knowing I’m definitely being heard but also not deafening my teammates.

To finish, the Turtle Beach X12 gaming headset is outstanding. You won’t get better in the $50-$100 range, and that’s a simple truth. This is firmly backed up by the ratings and reviews which have been provided by customers of this headset on Amazon. You can’t argue with 303/350 4 stars or higher ratings and reviews!

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