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Twitter followers and Love have 4 Things in Common

Just like love thrives where parties trust each other, Twitter followers prefer interacting with credible platforms. This is the reason why despite a high number of likes on your Twitter account with no engagement, most Twitter users will perceive it as fake and avoid it.

The more Twitter followers trust a Twitter account the more they are likely to spend more time on it and even make purchase decisions. Have you ever wondered why some brands suddenly become inactive on Twitter after a major scandal? Wading off negative perception can be costly hence only the brave can stand tall to face their prospects on the social platform. This also applies to mistrust in relationships. Love dies automatically where mistrust is inevitable.

So is there any relationship between love and Twitter followers? We highlight a few common things between Twitter followers and love that you need to know.

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Trust is a key ingredient in every relationship around the World. With a lack of trust, most relationships hardly survive the test of time. The same applies to Twitter followers. While a Twitter account can have many likes, it may have less engagement due to a lack of trust among active users. That's why you need to have real and active followers on your profile. Even if you choose to buy followers it is vital to buy real Twitter followers.

In other words, the credibility of a brand is directly pegged on what clients say about a particular product. As such, what people say about a brand on Twitter is likely to win the trust of new followers and attract more prospects.

With the loss of trust due to negative reviews, a Twitter profile is likely to get backlash from followers which may lead to huge losses.

Generally, trust is the backbone of every sector around the world. With trust, people can trade, become long-term friends, and even become business partners. This applies to followers on Twitter, they mainly troll credible profiles and avoid those they feel are suspicious.

 If you are planning to roll out an aggressive marketing campaign for your brand through Twitter, you better ensure you have a good image. This is because a bad image will automatically play out in your Twitter marketing campaign and water down all the effort and resources you may have invested in advertising.

Effective Communication

Love requires healthy communication to thrive. This is dependent on how you engage with your followers. In case you appear rude arrogant and do not mind the language you use when responding to followers, you are likely to be perceived as rude.

Eventually, your Twitter followers may lose confidence in you and avoid interacting with your platform. The same applies to love which can easily wilt where there's a communication breakdown. In an actual sense, communication strengthens relationships.

By engaging and exchanging ideas, feelings, and emotions, people develop personal relationships which foster a sense of caring for each other. The more people communicate the better they relate with each other. The same applies to Twitter followers who find it interesting to associate with a brand that responds to queries and is proactive in engagement.

Besides helping improve brand image, communication plays an integral role in interacting with prospects. While this may be the case, failure to use appropriate language may be detrimental to your brand image. This is why instead of ignoring negative reviews on your Twitter business account, you should aim at responding positively.

Using insults and responding when you are angry may escalate the already bad situation to worse. The damage that this can cause may be costly to reverse thereby threatening the survival of an institution.

The same applies to love, most relationships die not because trust is elusive but due to failure of the partners to address arising issues amicably. Therefore embracing proper communication is essential to sustain a healthy relationship not only between partners but also within every organization. 

Strong relationships

Just like love fosters strong relationships, Twitter followers are likely to develop strong relationships with brands they share similar ideals with.

The more Twitter followers interact with a particular brand the more a strong bond develops. With time a brand ends up with loyal followers who stick around and share most of the information they come across about products and services associated with a specific brand.  

Many companies roll out surveys and offer discounts in a bid to develop strong relationships with their target audience. With improved relationships, people can interact, engage and share ideas. That way, you stand a chance to improve your Twitter community and generate more leads that you can use for your business.

As followers gain confidence in your brand, they are likely to become your key defenders which may help you grow your brand. While fostering strong relationships takes time, it is one of the ideal ways of achieving growth not only for your brand but also for the Twitter community.


Accountability offers checks and balances not only in relationships but in various sectors. Failure to account for various actions has been a recipe for chaos not only in relationships but also in various sectors. The same applies to brands using Twitter to promote their brand. Clients who raise issues about a brand expect the company to be held accountable for its actions.

An example is where a client gets duped into buying poor products or places an order but receives either poor-quality products or never receives ordered items. With a lack of accountability for such actions, Twitter followers are likely to spread negative information about a brand which may lead to huge losses.


Love and Twitter followers share many characteristics. Just the way love blossoms, it takes time for Twitter followers to gain confidence in a brand. In that case, your actions and how you engage with your followers play a great role in winning the trust of followers. This is why despite some brands having a huge number of followers, they may not generate many sales from the account due to mistrust.

Therefore, developing a personal relationship with followers and responding to concerns is ideal in growing your Twitter profile. Are you wondering why your Twitter profile has been dormant for a while despite having many followers, then it's high time you look out into the concepts outlined in this article.

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