Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Types of All Inclusive Vacation Packages You Get

The tourism industry has transformed drastically over these past few years. More and more resorts and holiday destinations have popped up on every corner of the planet, spoiling the average traveler with the sheer gamut of choices.

What are all-inclusive vacation packages?

All-inclusive holiday packages do not have a standard yardstick or checklist. The package may vary from hotel to hotel and contrary to what more people believe, these packages don’t necessarily include all the expenses that you might incur during the vacation. There are vacation packages that include flight tickets, some that include the expense of meals and sightseeing and others that offer spas, gym facilities, shuttle services and other exclusive perks as well.

Before you pick an all-inclusive package it is very important that you read and carefully understand all the terms and conditions of the offer. The facilities and services that are excluded from the package are usually written in fine print at the very end of the document; ensure that you clarify that part very well. Also, if an extra service is included in the deal, make sure that you take the complete advantage of it. Don’t opt for an all-inclusive package if you’re planning on sleeping in your room all day. Also, see if the meals and beverages are a part of the vacation package deal or not. Some hotels charge extra for these services and can be increase the final price of the hotel considerably.

All Inclusive Vacation Packages - Who should be booking it?

There are people who swear by inclusive vacation packages and others who cannot stand the idea of it. Vacation packages have their fair share of pros and cons, but we won’t be discussing those in detail here. For, it all depends on your personal preferences and the kind of vacation that you want to have. Travelers on a tight budget would definitely love the idea of getting cheap and easy deals that includes free meals and activities. The package is also a great option for tourists who are planning bachelor parties or vacationing with their friends. Some hotels offer an adults-only package that has free alcohol, access to local parties and pubs and other exciting activities on the beach.

One of the biggest perks that all-inclusive packages offer is that there are no hidden costs or additional charges that you’re liable to pay when checking out. All your expenses are charged at once when you’re booking the hotel. Some resorts don’t even ask you to pay extra tip to the staff! If you truly want a break and not think about money or expenses then an all-inclusive vacation package is a good deal for you.

The packaged deals are also great for families as some resorts offer kid-friendly services and activities to keep the family engaged. All inclusive deals are also beneficial for travelers who love to explore and engage in activities in and around the resort. Want to check out the pool? Excited about exploring the local neighborhood? Or simply engage in a game of volleyball on the beach? Or maybe pamper your senses with a spa massage? With an all-inclusive vacation package you can treat yourself to all these luxuries without paying an extra dime.

Tips to Choose the Best Inclusive Vacation Package

Almost every all-inclusive package includes unlimited access to the alcohol, buffet meals, and land and water sports activities, sightseeing among other things. Although, we would still recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the deal carefully, to make an informed decision. Here are some additional tips that might help you;

  1. Don’t go for packages that look deceptively cheap. Most of the super cheap deals are usually either dubious or doesn’t offer the promised quality of services
  2. Check out the customer reviews and ratings for the resort on credible travel platforms. You can even consult a travel agent for the same
  3. Ask for proper certifications and licenses before you book into the resort
  4. Always be on the lookout for seasonal deals, discounts and coupons that you can avail
  5. We cannot emphasize on this enough, but read the terms of the package thoroughly. Know what’s included in the deal and what is available at an extra cost
  6. You can customize the vacation package to your advantage. Include only services and activities that you will be participating in
  7. Clarify the terms of the cancellation policy and always ask for travel insurance if you are booking tickets online

The Bottom Line

All inclusive vacation packages are a great way to save money on the trip and enjoy the destination to the fullest. And because the payment is made up front, and in full, you don’t have to deal with the stress of thinking about expenses. It is a great deal for adventure lovers, solo travelers and families alike.

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