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Types Of Bed Linen Like Quilt Cover Sets Australia

Quilt cover sets Australia

Bedding is an element of home décor that includes myriad items in variety of styles and textures. Selecting bedding and bed linen may prove to be confusing with the different options available.

Additionally, the choice of bedding is a vital aspect of impacting the beauty and comfort of the bedroom. Hence, one must be careful while choosing bed linen.

For designing a picture-perfect bedroom, one must be aware of the various bedding products available in the market. For instance, knowing about the options like quilt cover sets Australia and Egyptian cotton sheets can help make your shopping easier.

The Following Are The Main Types Of Bedding Items:

Top Sheet

It is a flat sheet placed between the blanket and the sleeper. Comforters, quilts, and blankets are spread above the top sheet such that they don’t touch the bed occupant directly.

Bottom Sheet

It is a fitted sheet kept above the mattress. As opposed to a flat sheet, which is a rectangular piece of cloth, the fitted sheet has four corners attached to the elastics that go down the corners of the mattress. It has the shape of a pocket and directly touches the bed occupant. The elastic helps to prevent the slipping of the sheet and prevents the mattress from getting dirty.

Bed Spread

It is a decorative cover for the bed. It covers the bedsheet and other covers and is typically made of thin fabrics like wool, chenille or cotton. It covers the bed completely, right to the ground.


It is a decorative item like a bedspread but does not extend to the floor. A bedspread covers the complete bed while a coverlet does not cover the pillows. A coverlet is a light item that is either woven or quilted.


It is a thick, quilted, and fluffy blanket filled with uniformly distributed wool, silk, down feathers, or synthetic fibers. It is available in a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors. It is placed above sheets to offer warmth and give a layered look to the bed.


It is a big square or rectangular piece of wool-like fabric meant for providing warmth. This bedding item traps heat and keeps the bed occupant warm and comfortable. It is typically made of microfiber, cotton, polyester, wool, etc.


It is a kind of bed cover having three layers: backing, batting, and top. The top layer is made of various layers of fabric stitched together to form artistic patterns. Manufacturing of such quilts is an ancient form of art. The second layer of batting is filled with wool, cotton, or down feathers for creating a thin layer of the inner fabric. The backing is made of a solid piece of fabric.

Quilt covers

A quilt is used as a blanket topper for extra comfort and warmth in winters. Quilt cover sets Australia is in more demand during winters. They help keep quilts in good condition.


It is a flat and soft bag filled with synthetic fibers or down feathers. It is protected with a cover called duvet cover like a pillowcase protecting the pillow. It is popular bedding as it avoids the complicated task of layering with sheets, blankets, and quilts.

These are the main types of bedding and bed linen. They transform the bedroom into a dream room. Hence, it helps to understand the variety of bedding items and their uses.

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