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Types of Blinds: How to Choose Them

Blinds are a popular option today because of its versatility. It is easy to use and comes in different styles and looks. Not only do they look appealing but also are easy to use. They can be dusted which prevents accumulation of dust and some of them can be washed at home too. There is no need to dry clean them and hence saves the user a lot of money. They are different types of blinds available in the market; most of them have been described in this article below.

7 Different Types of Blinds

#1. Vertical blinds: These are long and individual pieces of material which are hung from the top of the window to the bottom. They have individual slats which run along a track at the top. They can be found in small windows but are usually used for large and long windows. Hence, they automatically become a popular choice for patios and ceiling to ground windows. The cord is used to pull the blinds which allow the blinds to open side by side. They come in different styles and designs which adds a special element to the owner’s house or office and therefore can be customised.

#2. Venetian blinds: They are horizontal slats of materials which are attached to strings or strips of cloth. The strips of cloth and strings are known as tapes. When the cord is pulled, the bottom slat is pressed against the upper slat and thus it moves up with each slat moving towards its upper slat. They are by far the most popular and desirable blind available in the market. They come in different colours and styles and are cost efficient too. Maintaining these blinds is easy as they just need to be dusted at regular intervals.

#3. Pleated shades: These shades are made up of cloth or paper. They look like pleats and thus appear to be in the shape of an accordion. They are quite similar to Venetian blinds but sport a much softer look. They can be raised or lowered depending upon the mood of the user but they cannot move sideways like a traditional blind. They are easy to install and have a modern look which adds a chic factor to your room.

#4. Mini blinds: It is a copy of the Venetian blinds. The only difference between the two are that mini blinds consist of blinds with smaller width. The size of the slats are usually 1 mm thick.

#5. Micro blinds: A smaller version of mini blinds is known as micro blinds. They have a width which is not more than 0.5 mm wide. Thus, they are the smallest version of Venetian blinds.

#6. Roman shades: Roman Shades are one of the most traditional patterns of blinds available in the market. They are made from either fabric, jute or seagrass. When it is raised, it stacks itself, i.e., it basically folds into itself. It functions in a way similar to the Venetian ones. Since they fold into itself a large part of it is accumulated at the top of the window. The only drawback is that they block a certain part of the window but they look timeless and beautiful.\

#7. Honeycomb shades: These shades are the most useful if you are looking forward in cutting down your electricity bill. Actually, they add a little extra amount of heat by providing insulation to the window. They are also known as cellular shades.

These are the 7 types of shades available in the market that are quite popular among homeowners and form a large part of the blinds market. If you’re looking for more information then If you’re looking for more information then go here.

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