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Types of Business Events

The events allow the company to stand out from its competition if they are done in a creative way to innovate, either to keep their employees loyal or motivated. According to these audiences will change the objectives and the message, so we can divide the corporate events between:

Internal events: Those organized for a public closely related to the organization, whether the employees themselves or the shareholders. In this case we will have the communication of values, inform about changes in the company or motivate the workers as objectives in this type of events.

External events: We address clients, whether they are currently or potentially, as well as suppliers and, also, media, etc. Since these are people not involved with the company, or not so much, the objectives are to publicize the company and its activity, reward and retain customers, communicate the brand image, among others.

From these two types of company events we can segment different types of company or corporate events:

Press conferences:  This would be one of the most common external events. Directed to the media exclusively, they serve to publicize the company's results as well as the objectives or present a report. You can also announce new products or services. IPad Hire for General Sessions, ipad Hire for Regional Conferences It is important to inform the media well, that they do not leave with doubts that later they try to resolve on their part and from here to spread incorrect information. For this, all the questions must be answered and, even, experts must be brought to the subject to be dealt with, outside the company. It is important that each media have a press release with additional information, photos and even videos to strengthen their informative pieces.

Seminars: This external event is mainly educational for small groups of people, with an important focus on interaction so attendees can ask the speakers directly or with activities that break the ice.

Conferences: These external events are usually the busiest. They bring together professionals with common interests, usually from the same sector. As in the seminars, you can answer questions from the attendees, IPad Hire for General Sessions, including through social networks, a medium that even serves to promote the event and those speakers.

Fairs: Another external event that, in this case, are exhibitions in which companies can show their products and / or services. In these cases it can be difficult to stand out among the other companies, so you should try to attract the attention of visitors.

Meetings: Depending on the number of attendees we can consider it as internal or external events. They can be used to convey information or address challenges and opportunities faced by the company, through working groups. It is important to schedule everything that is going to be discussed and that attendees have it in time to prepare those challenges, as well as having time for the appropriate estimates for each topic.

Team building initiatives: As their goal is to motivate or form work groups are considered internal events. The groups are usually reduced for more personalized attention and with very diverse initiatives such as sports, recreational activities and anyone that encourages participation


General shareholders meetings: This internal event serves to communicate matters of interest to the shareholders of the company. You can also choose, in them, the board of directors. Although it may sound like a very formal act, it can be done in a more relaxed manner depending on the company's culture.


Executive meetings: Internal event in which objectives, strategies and visions of the company are discussed among the members of the board of directors of the same.

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