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Types of commercial lawn mowers

The Commercial Lawn Mower: Productivity and Speed Needed

The commercial lawnmower has been designed to be highly productive and efficient. They may be required to be in use, on an ongoing basis, for as much as 12 hours a day. The commercial machine might have 20 different jobs to complete in one day. Productivity is necessary. A commercial lawn mower may have a width of 70 or more inches. An operator, of a commercial mower, usually has a specified amount of time to complete all of the daily mowing jobs. Speed is usually needed and the commercial lawn mower needs to produce and deliver the desired results. A commercial mower will need added speed as compared to a residential mower.

Tips: Commercial Lawn Mowers


Most commercial lawn mowers are going to need to deliver the following to the operator:

* high productivity

* comfort

* a quality cut

* reliability

* ease of use

* safety

* long lasting

* durability

The most important factors to consider, when purchasing a commercial lawn mower, are the following:

* the quality of the actual cut

* the price

* dependability

The commercial lawn mower is going to need to hold up to the average use because it may get a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. It will need to deliver a quality finished cut. They ought to be easy to maneuver while offering comfort to the operator. The following additional factors should be considered:

* ease in maintenance and repairs

* dealer support and access to needed parts


Quality Options and Choices


There are a variety of options and choices to consider with the commercial lawn mower.

They come in various styles and have different useful features to consider:

* a walk behind with a wide area cutter; this offers added added productivity for the user. It will offer convenience if the operator needs to get into tight spots to cut. This type will offer ease of access and added speed to get a job completed efficiently. The cost for this is usually competitive as compared to some of the ride mowers. It is a good idea to check into the size of the cutting deck, depending on the needed use, They usually range between 32 inches to 54 inches. They are different from the average walk behinds. This in terms of the average 21 inches in width

* riders with zero-turns; this type of commercial lawn mower is built for longer operating use and larger spaces. They are sturdy machines and provide a flat-mow option. They will leave large acres looking well-groomed. They offer added comfort and tend to be easy to maneuver as compared to some of the traditional tractors for lawn mowing

* mowers (stand-on); these come in compact models. They offer a combination of a walk-behind and a rider. They tend to incorporate added efficiency, a nice appeal, better handling and a smaller size as compared to some of the other walk-behind options. They work well for areas that have hilly terrains, landscape bedded areas, and areas with many trees. The stand-on mowers tend to offer added performance because they are shorter in length and will take up less space in terms of the trailer space. Most of them offer a cutting deck of 36 to 61-inch cutting deck

Choosing the Right Commercial Lawn Mower

The commercial lawn mower will, typically, have a specific job to perform in specific areas. A lawn professional will need to choose the right commercial lawn mower to get the needed lawn jobs completed properly and efficiently. If you are looking to lower the cost, you have the option of buying a quality used commercial lawnmower. This has proven to be a good option for those who are just getting into their own professional lawn business. Your own personal budget and price bracket will play a role in the available options. Many prospective entrepreneurs will obtain a business loan to obtain needed equipment or they opt to obtain credit to buy a long-lasting commercial lawnmower.


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