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10 Most Common Types Of Forklifts And Their Uses

Do you intend to move many materials to a construction site or warehouse?

Whatever the case, a forklift is one of the most critical investments in machines for transporting heavy materials on site.

If you are searching for "a forklift near me," this article will help you identify the 10 most common types on the market and their uses, or you can see more at Discount Forklift.

1. Swift Down Forklift

They have counterbalanced trucks, hence becoming the most widely available forklifts. They’re commonly used in indoor and outdoor applications and allow operators to be off their feet.

For instance, if you need your operator to work for extended hours and on slippery surfaces, the swift-down forklift is the most practical option because the operator doesn't have to get in and out of the truck.

2. Stand-Up Electric

This type of forklift is best suited for indoor activities. This machine's ergonomic, eco-friendly, and agile nature makes it a practical addition to any warehouse. Unlike the swift-down forklift, an operator frequently gets on and off the truck.

3. Reach Truck

These forklifts are designed for optimum value and performance in warehouses that have narrow aisles of less than 10.5 ft. The most appealing feature is that they can reach the shelf, grab the intended materials, and bring them down to the operator.

4. Order Picker

The order picker forklift lifts the operator to too-hard-to-reach places for easy material retrieval since pulling all pallets off the shelves is inefficient.

5. Walkie Stackie

Walkie stackie forklifts, also known as pallet stackers, are best suited for large warehouses to lift pallets. They are designed to be a helping hand, especially when transporting materials over short distances, like across a floor.

6. Pallet Jack

Pallet jacks feature two forks - one that is raised and another that is lowered. Like other forklifts, pallet jacks aid in the manual transportation of materials that would otherwise strain an operator across a warehouse.

7. Rough Terrain

Rough terrain is an all-around forklift. Its in-built pneumatic tires, diesel engine, and enhanced ground clearance make it suitable for any surface or environment, from docks and timber forestry to yards. Rough terrain is an excellent addition if you work in an environment that demands high mobility and outstanding productivity.

8. Telehandler

Also known as a telescopic handler, this hard-to-find forklift is best suited for construction activities. It comes with telescopic arms to lift loads and extend them to the maximum reach or height of the machine. They are primarily designed to lift pallets and quickly transport heavy materials to high elevations.

In addition, these machines incorporate several capabilities to accommodate and suit appropriate jobs requiring lifting attachments. Workers use telehandlers on site to process and complete activities faster and safely.

At best, an operator can attach a platform to the handler boom in a quick hitch process to safely and efficiently alternate from one attachment to the other.

9. Scissor Lift

As the name suggests, the scissor lift design comprises a stack of crossed tubes that resemble scissors when the lift is in operation. The scissor lift is ubiquitous in rental fleets and construction sites.

A scissor lift is the preferred alternative to a ladder if you want to lift materials vertically to a specific destination. Some jobs requiring this lift include painting, constructing ceilings, and hanging signs, among other maintenance projects.

10. Boom Lift

As you may know, forklifts are not similarly created, even though their primary purpose is transporting materials on construction sites and warehouses. A boom lift is the best “forklift near me” for moving the heaviest materials that would otherwise be difficult to drive with a standard forklift.

By extension, the aerial work platform attached to the hydraulically powered arm enables operators to move materials to inaccessible areas and corners of a warehouse. Before purchasing a boom lift, it is worth noting that these forklifts are drivable and come with towing options.

Partner With A Company You Can Trust For Your Equipment Solution

Do you need help deciding which “forklift near me” to buy? It would be wise to partner with a reputable nationwide company that will match you with the right forklift based on your needs. Of the utmost importance, your chosen company should strive to establish a healthy relationship with its customers built on confidence, respect, and mutual trust.

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