Types of Industrial Fans and Tips for choosing the Best One


Industrial fans are prominent in big factories and manufacturing units. These fans differ from the ones we use at our home. Their powers, capacity, size and functioning are entirely different. Based on the industry, one has to select the right type of industrial fan. Here, we have discussed the varied fans used in industries and some vital tips to select the fan that suits your best interest. Keep reading for more details.

Different types of Industrial Fans:

l Axial Flow Fans: It requires lesser power, and it helps in releasing high to low flow rates. These fans are used to enhance the circulation of the air. They use these in drying ovens, removing of smoke and in cooling function.

l Centrifugal Fans: It is used to absorb the fumes and poisonous gases and remove it from the operating conditions. These are used to get rid of acidic fumes, explosive gases, and even in extreme weather. As you can figure out from the name, this fan functions on the principle of centrifugal motion.

l Mixed Flow Fans: As evident from the name, these fans are a mix of centrifugal fans and axial flow fans. They use it for high, medium and low airflow.

l Cross-flow Fans:  You can use it for uniform airflow.


Tips for choosing the right type of Industrial Fan:

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By now you know about the different industrial fans. Among so many brands, which one will match your requirements? Well, we will answer this question for you:

1. Garner the knowledge about the product: One of the first things that you need to consider when buying an fan is that you must have the knowledge about the product. You must be thorough knowledge about categories, size and price. You must know the purpose for which you will use the industrial fan, and based on it; you must choose the right type.

2. Know about the functionality: The next factor that you need to consider is the functionality of the industrial fans. Whether you require the fan for centering high or low temperature? You must also check whether the fan is flexible to be adjusted at different angles as and when required.

3. Check the Ducts: The next factor that you need to consider is the ducting of the fans. These highly impact the efficiency and speed of the fan. Hence you must check it.

4. Type of Air Movement: Another factor that affects the functionality of industrial fan is the duct movement, for example, the axial fans send out the air in the same direction, whereas the centrifugal fans draw the air in at 90-degree angle. With different air movement, the application will also vary. The centrifugal fans will suck in the fumes and throw out, while they use axial fans for circulation of air. So, based on your requirement, you must choose the fan.

5. Bearing of the Fans: The ball bearings that form the core of the industrial fans impact its functionality. The temperature and frequency of the machine impact the functionality of the bearings, hence you must choose the one accordingly.

6. Pressure: When you are choosing an industrial fan, then you must consider the air pressure. You must check the airflow, static pressure before you make a purchase.

Concluding Thoughts

By now, you would have garnered enough information about the industrial fans, and its different types. Make sure that you also check the safety standards before making a purchase. Also, don’t forget to compare the pricing, and then deciding which one to buy.