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Types of ladders explained for use in warehouses

There are different types of warehouse ladders that might be used for various uses. They all have different structures and designs. Based on the type of work that you do they will have certain advantages and disadvantages of using them. 

Here we will have a look at some of the types of ladders for warehouses and how each one can fit in with a particular type of industry based on the type of work that it does. So let's begin- 

Not much in use is the step ladders 

The step ladders are one of the common types of ladders which we all have seen. They have both applications and uses in household and commercial purposes. But the ones used commercially such as in warehouses have much high efficient design to meet the higher demands of the industry. They are engineered to perfection to ensure high load ratings. They find limited use in the warehouses although they are very common. The height of the step ladders can give you a maximum of 8-10 feet reach. The ladder is very primitive and does not have some basic safety features as is required with the industrial ladders. 

Platform ladders 

The platform ladders are fit for use in warehouses, industries, and factories. They are highly enabled to meet all types of demands. They have a platform like structure at the top which makes them fit to be used as warehouse ladders. 

The platform on the top of the ladder has multiple benefits. First is that it can help the worker to be more focused on the work without bothering about falling or slipping? The second thing is that the platform provides a larger footing space and this does not put too much stress for the person on top of the ladder. If you want to use platform ladders then this will add safety as well as the comfort of your workers. The third and probably the most important safety feature is that they have side railings along the edges of the platform and the steps. The platform ladders have higher load rating capacity and come with a much structured and highly engineered design. 

Order picker ladders 

These are some of the extensively used warehouse ladder. These are fit for use in warehouses that deal with large and bulky type materials. These ladders have a similar structure to the ones like the platform ladders. The order picker ladders have an even bigger platform and most models can accommodate more than one person at the top of the platform. They are made for all the heavy-duty work and are fit for use in the industries where the type of load is bulky. It is also sometimes used during the installation, repairing, and maintenance of heavy electrical items such as transformers. 

Extendable ladders 

These are the warehouse ladders whose height can be extended as needed. This ensures that you don't need to buy different ladders of different height. You can buy one to fit in for all your daily work. But they are very primitive in design and do not have leg like supporting structures for weight sharing. The one end is supported or affixed on the ground while the other one is tilted for support at the top. This might not be safe in all work areas such as where the platform is wet or where the ground is slippery and wet. They find very limited use in the warehouses. 

Foldable ladders 

These ladders come in different shapes and designs. The basic advantage of using them as a warehouse ladder is that you will be able to fold them and store them safely when not in use. They can be folded along certain areas and this reduces the space required to store them. Unfortunately, this advantage comes at a price. And that is you don't get a very high load rating on the ladder. They are fit to be used in industries where the type of material or good to be lifted or lowered does not have too much weight. But anyways, foldable ladders can be put to various small purpose uses. They can become a handy gadget to be used where the floor space is a general crisis.  

Safety steps 

These might not seem to be fit in the category of a ladder but indeed they have various uses to fall in the category of warehouse ladders. They do not have any steps and you just have a workable platform. This can give you a reach advantage of just a few feet above your normal height.

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