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Types Of Lawyers You Didn’t Know Existed

A lawyer can significantly reduce the stress of going through a legal process alone. Their advanced knowledge and useful advice can be an essential asset through this time. Lawyers are available for a variety of situations that an individual can face. The type of lawyers commonly recognized are criminal lawyers and divorce lawyers in louisiana.

However, there are several other kinds of lawyers that are not widely known to the public. Here are some types of lawyers you didn’t know existed:  

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI or SSD) is a program that provides monthly benefits in case one becomes disabled to the extent that they cannot work before they retire. Social Security Disability Lawyer helps in dealing with issues pertaining to approval, appeal and termination of the benefits.

Digital Media and Internet Lawyers  

With the broad reach of the internet, there are bound to be issues pertaining to the platform. A digital media and internet lawyer assists in a variety of problems arising from digital platforms such as mobile phones and computers. They deal with digital licensing, copyright infringement and privacy complaints

Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers help clients that work in the area of entertainment such as artists and record agencies. Their work ensures decisions are made in the client’s best interests, so they play a role in negotiating fees, contracts and talent releases. Entertainment lawyers, especially those working in companies, often deal with intellectual property issues such as copyright infringement.

Toxic Tort Lawyer

Toxic tort lawyers are classified as a type of personal injury lawyer.  They deal in cases that involve exposure to toxic materials such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and sometimes air and water. Asbestos lawsuits are the common type of trials. This field requires intensive research and knowledge of medicine and toxicology. Hence most lawyers further specialize in a kind of toxic tort claim.

Military Lawyer

Military lawyers’ work is similar to that of a civilian lawyer; however, the clients are either ex-military or currently serving military personnel. This requires specialized knowledge of military laws and proceedings. Thus, these lawyers hold the knowledge of both civilian and military law. They work in any branch of the armed forces. Although, each one also has a Judge Advocate General who practises law in the MIlitary court. A Military lawyer deals with issues of veteran’s benefits like compensation claims related to military injury, court-martial and offences under the military code.

Constitutional lawyer

A Constitutional Lawyer deals with issues specifically regarding the rights provided by the state and federal constitution.  One usually consults them in case of constitutional right’s violation such as freedom of speech and the right to vote. An issue revolving a constitutional right may also become a class action lawsuit if many others are facing the same ordeal. This field requires knowledge of the technicalities of the constitution.

Securities Lawyer

Securities lawyers specifically work on cases involving investments. They can be approached by both investors and shareholders of a company. A securities lawyer is helpful before one invests their share as they can check the credibility of the company and whether they are following the regulations as provided by the government. If there is an investment fraud or insider trading, they can help you take the appropriate action against it and aid compensation

Creditors Rights lawyer

It can sometimes be difficult to retrieve money that one lent to individuals or organizations. Creditor rights lawyers deal with this issue. They provide advice on what would be the best possible way to retrieve the amount or help get it back by proceeding with a lawsuit. They also assist negotiations between multiple creditors of the same person or business.  

Franchise Lawyer

A franchise lawyer is a kind of business lawyer that specializes in legal issues regarding franchises. They are helpful if one is planning to franchise their business or buy a franchise store. They inform on the correct regulations of owning, managing and selling a franchise. They can assist in drawing paperwork, negotiations and any issues that one may face in the process.

Hence, a franchise lawyer may also deal with workers compensation in law firms.

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