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Types of People Who Will Help You Succeed in Your Business Faster

Recruiting is a boon and bane of success in a modern business world. Every new employee has the potential to accelerate growth, but also to disrupt workflows and human relationships.  So, does it all come down to experience, personal qualities, qualifications, drive, cultural fit, or is there something else as well? Well, I would argue that all these things matter, but that there is also one great predictor of how well someone can fill a position— traits. They are neither written on someone’s forehead nor really distinguishable from a resume. Therefore, you have to get the measure of them in a different way and your ability to do so is paramount.

Value-driven individual

Having a strong team entails hiring workers with diverse and complementary skill sets.  At the same time, you have to assess how each new recruit is going to get along with other people. This is not to say you need to form a monoculture of similar people. On the other hand, you do want to look beyond qualifications and experience and seek value-driven people who are ready to embrace your mission and culture. Of course, it is not always easy to gauge values, but you have to do your homework. Social media checks, for instance, could shed interesting light on what someone stands for and believes in.


Self-starters are in their natural habitat when presenting business ideas, launching initiatives, and setting up business organizations. Of course, it is great to have someone with experience of getting operations off the ground: these people are cut out for executive positions and may pose solid business partners. They are able to perform efficiently without direct oversight and guidance, acting as leaders and taking charge of projects, teams, and even strategic planning. Sometimes, their passion and love overshadow financial rewards and security, which is another edge they have over other types of recruits.

Reliable workforce

This type of employee is not someone who stands out in the office. Instead, it proves its worth by getting things done consistently, day after day, month after month. Top executives feel comfortable delegating tasks to them because they are good problem solvers with a solid mix of analytical and creative skills. And when they also display the ability to grasp complex concepts and come up with plans for accomplishing optimal goals, these employees often rise through the ranks quickly. They become trusted confidants and act as boss’ right-hand.

The Do-It-All

These workers are very well organized and are excellent at multitasking. They will get everything done and they'll do it on time. Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney's Business School, John Shields advises that effective time management is actually one of the crucial qualities recruiters in Australia are looking for. This skill is especially valuable for administrative office workers. Australian business owners can get help finding these types of employees using platforms that offer admin jobs in Sydney or in other parts of the country.

People person

Interpersonal relationships have a profound impact on the atmosphere, productivity, and mood in the office environment. People persons garner a positive outlook on life and keep up the level of motivation and morale high. When things start going downhill, they go an extra mile to prevent a disaster. Furthermore, they possess soft skills, they are highly empathic, and are versed in negotiation.  And if they also have great time management, organizing skills, written and communication capabilities, they are a perfect addition to HR departments and managerial echelons.

Flexible risk-takers

Often, the path of risk-takers involves the willingness to take chances and assume responsibility for them. They are adaptable to surroundings and ready to learn on the go.  So, do not be put off by candidates with winding career paths. They probably do not shy away from challenges and are keen on pushing the boundaries rather than maintaining the status quo. This is someone who is self-confident and not afraid of being wrong and making the first move. You are likely to boost innovation and ideation potential within the organization by hiring these types of candidates.

A driving workforce

People are the glue that holds companies together and to maximize chances of success you cannot welcome just anyone on board. To make it more difficult, resumes are not always a good indication of whether someone will be an asset to your company. So, work out a recruitment strategy and get crystal clear on what you are looking for. Go through resumes carefully and take your time setting interview questions. Bear in mind that face-to-face encounter is when you need to feel the connection, when everything falls together or it doesn’t.

It is time to find your star performers and navigate the tumultuous business waters of today with strong winds in your sails.

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