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Types of Services CNC Machines can Provide

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In a factory, there are numerous processes and services that take place. For manual factories, a lot of time is wasted in the manufacturing process. To overcome this challenge, factories can acquire CNC machines or seek out companies that can offer those services at an affordable fee.

CNC machines are quite beneficial to factories for their diverse capabilities and numerous efficiencies that they provide. CNC services will help make work easier for the factory workers and lower operational and production costs.

Here are some services that companies can benefit by acquiring or getting the services of CNC machines.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a process and technology that uses a laser beam to cut through all types of materials. Its biggest advantage is its accuracy and how easily it can cut through all types of materials.

Further, laser cutting as part of CNC machine services can cut intricate shapes and designs with ease and accuracy.

Plasma cutting

Does your factory use thick metal or other material that could be difficult to cut through with a laser beam? CNC plasma cutting is the service you require.

CNC plasma cutting machines are adept to cutting through thick metal and different types of steel as required by the factory.

Flame cutting

For much thicker materials that need cutting and cannot be handled by plasma or laser beam cutting, flame cutting is quite handy.

CNC machines will have flame throwers through which they will direct a white-hot flame precisely at the point that needs to be cut for quick preparation and fabrication of materials. For best results, it is best that the material to be cut through be at least 150mm.


Do you want to manufacture a metal product with unique designs for example grooves and shapes? The CNC machine services are for you.

A CNC machine service will have your product ready in minutes. All you need to do is feed your preferred designs onto the manufacturing software running your CNC machine. In a short while, you will have your product ready.

This process is easily repeatable and can be carried out in large scale.

Metal bending

CNC machine services providers can easily bend any type of metal that you need bent. CNC machines can bend your metal to whatever radius you would like bent.

If your end products are cylindrical, this service is cheap and efficient and ensures a fast turnaround time to ensure that you get your products to the market as a fast as possible.

CNC Milling

If you manufacture bolts or other types of products that have grooves, CNC milling is the service you require.

CNC milling involves passing your materials along a rotating tool that then cuts out chips to make your final product as programmed.


CNC machine services are essential services for any factory that wants to create quickly. It is also essential to create beautiful and unique products ready for the market. It is a fast and cost-effective process that every company should embrace so that it can deliver high quality products to their customers.

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