What Are the Types of Serving Spoons?


We have perfected many things to improve our quality of life. Spoons are one of them. To express our personality, they play a great role. They are here with us since ancient times. 

Because of our tremendous love for spoons, they are everywhere. We even have a spoon museum! So, I would like to talk about some of the spoon types along with their usage in this article. 

Popular Types of Serving Spoon

Each spoon type serves a particular job. From cooking food to serving them, we use different spoons. Serving different foods require different spoons. Let’s have a glimpse of such spoons' names with their respective usage.

French Sauce Spoon

When you need to eat sauce, you use the French sauce spoon. Well, at least, that what used to be the practice in the past. In shape and size, they look like the dessert spoon.

The special design helps to scoop the sauce from your sauce plate so that you don’t have to tip your plate.


It’s a British term that means ‘short’. Cutty is such type of spoons that are very short in length. The handle is so short that you won’t notice is sometimes. Nobody knows about their true usage. But you should know they were here sometimes. 

Demitasse Spoon

They look like a coffee spoon or teaspoon. But a little smaller than them in size. They are widely used with espresso cups. So many people call them an espresso spoon too. You often see them at restaurants and stores.

Salt Spoon

We don’t see them in our kitchen or dining table on a large scale. Thanks to the salt shakers! But before that, the salt spoon used to be in great use. Some people used to call it salt pig and they used to be used with salt cellars.

Grapefruit Spoon

You may know it in other names like citrus/orange/fruit spoon. But they almost look like a teaspoon. Well, the tip of the bowl is a little bit different and they usually have a sharp edge.

The sharp edge helps to separate the rind of citrus & melon from the flesh. The bowl has a curved tip to help with the scooping. 

Soup Spoon

They look like ladles and very common in every household. One of the most common spoons out there and everybody knows about them. They come with a horizontal handle so that we can enjoy our soup conveniently.  

Horn Spoon

Spoons made from silver will tarnish over time if exposed to sulfur. Other elements of the spoon may spoil the taste of certain foods like roe. To solve the problem, the horn spoon is a great alternative.

They are made from animal horns and used to eat a boiled egg and enjoy roe. 

Maidenhead Spoon

They are basically religious spoon meant for gifts. The handle side had the bust of the Virgin Mary. Made from silver and they were highly popular in the 16th century. 

Parfait Spoon

If you need to eat your desserts from a tall glass, you must need a parfait spoon. They are specifically designed to eat parfait, sundaes, sorbets, and other desserts which are usually served in tall glasses. 

Parfait spoons usually have a slim and long handle to serve the purpose.

Slotted Spoon

Such spoons come in all shapes and designs. They have holes or slots on the bowl so that the liquid can pass through easily. Only that way the larger food pieces remain on the bowl to serve people.

If you are familiar with the absinthe spoon, you know what I am talking about!

Risotto Spoon

When you need to stir risotto, cream, or sauces, you need a risotto spoon. The large hole in the spoon helps to agitate thoroughly by creating a vortex.

Wooden spoons can do the same job but they tend to deflate while stirring. Risotto spoon can do the job without deflating. 


I have an informative article just to let you know some unfamiliar spoons. Of course, there are more of them and this article in no way claims to be comprehensive. Still, if you find this helpful, show me some love sharing it with your friends.