Types of Shoes a Woman Should Have: A Guide in Buying Shoes Online


Have you ever been in a situation where you can't decide what shoes to wear for a specific attire? Or worse, you don't have any pair of shoes that suit the get-up well? Getting in this position is a nightmare for every woman—the easiest way to get out of that situation is to buy women's shoes in the comfort of your home.

Today, shoes are not just here to protect your feet; it contributes to your fashion style.  They help you create the perfect look you want to achieve and satisfy your ardour for fashion accessories. Before landing on the shoes online shop website, you first need to decide on the shoes you want to acquire. Here are the different types of shoes a woman should add to their shoe closet. 


Timeless White Sneakers

You can never go wrong with wearing white sneakers, for you can pair them with anything from jeans to a chiffon dress. For women, wearing white sneakers goes beyond just being comfy; it adds brightness to whatever you're wearing on vacation or even on dates. 


Active Sneakers

Having sneakers for your workouts and active outdoor activities is necessary for protection and comfort. Proper shoes can help you to protect yourself from common injuries associated with your type of workouts. 


Ballerina Flats

Be an adorable chic with basic ballerina flats. This type of shoe can never go out of style. They give you comfort all day long and are very suitable for teen girls and independent women. You can wear it to nearly everything from casual events to formal or business events and in between jeans to shorts to dress to leggings.


Classic Black Pumps

Black pumps give you the class you deserve. This shoe is every girl's best friend. There is no way to put an outfit together - whether from shorts to jeans and a T-shirt or a full dress suit, other than a lovely pair of classic black pumps. 


Nude Evening Heels

Since nude heels are close to your skin tone, they give the illusion of you having longer legs. They are also great for those women who want their legs to look slimmer. They can be a great alternative to your black pumps for it also goes with every attire you want which adds a little more chic and unexpected style.


Flat Sandals

If you're not comfortable with your feet covered, sandals are for you! Wearing a pair of sandals can make you stay looking chic and fashionable while feeling comfortable.  Flats are indeed for dancing feet. It makes you free to move, does not make you tired and gives you security while walking. 

Now that you have decided what shoes to buy, most women struggle with choosing the correct shoe size. Wearing the wrong one is very painful and uncomfortable. Here are few things you should know on choosing the right shoe size:

    • Foot length

    • The shape of the shoe and your foot

    • Check the shoe size chart in the US, UK, and Euro sizes

To buy women's shoes online, the best approach you should consider is searching for a shop that offers all these types of shoes. With this consideration, it can save you money from packaging and shipping fees.