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Types of wedding dances

The wedding season is about to approach. Many soon-to-be brides and grooms must be surfing the web, looking for wedding choreography to prepare the best dance for their weddings. Also, one of the important to-do lists in a wedding is to prepare for the traditional wedding dance. 

As the time for the wedding gets closer, the couples start tending more to find the best wedding choreography and the dance they should perform at their wedding. 

There are different types of wedding dance, and the couple needs to select the best wedding choreographer and a perfect dance style for their wedding performance.

In every wedding, along with the performance of the newlywed couple, many other guests and relatives also perform. The types of wedding dance include the bride and groom’s first dance, mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, and many other dances at the reception like foxtrot, waltz, and slow dancing. Recently, with the increase of the internet trend, many other dances also came into the limelight. Some couples prefer to perform on energetic songs, spirited songs, or mashup songs, while others opt for performing on slow and romantic songs. 

Different couples have different preferences for their wedding choreography. Considering all of them, here we are listing different types of wedding dance styles comprising traditional music. For example, a slow dance, lindy hop or jitterbug, foxtrot to the swing, waltz, and different Latin choices, including mambo, rumba, salsa, and mashup routines. 

Types of Wedding Choreography

Following are different wedding dances:

The First Dance

It refers to the traditional dance performed by the groom and the bride at their wedding reception. These dances include the steps where the couple moves together and shares a loved song on the dance floor. 

Waltz Wedding Dance Style - Waltz

The waltz dance is one of the most popular wedding choreographies and is often the first preference of the bride and groom for their first dance. This dance is a fluid, smooth dance moving in a counter-clockwise direction around the floor. 

The waltz dance includes several varieties like American waltz dance, country western, International, French, Cajun, and Viennese waltz. Also, there is a classical version of this dance and a contemporary version as well. 

Slow Wedding Dance Style – Nightclub Two-Step

Recently the trend of nightclub two-step- slow dance is more popular. It is also more popular as the first dance by the groom and the bride on their wedding performance. The nightclub two-step dance has evolved and can be started with a rock step on the 1st count and then the side step on the 2nd count. In contrast, some other wedding choreography styles can be started with the side step on the first count. This dance style is considered a great choice for a slow and sensual wedding first dance. 

Foxtrot Wedding Dance Style – Foxtrot

This is a progressive yet smooth dance style that moves to a four-beat rhythm around the dance floor and combines 6 or 8 beat patterns. The foxtrot dance is one of the most elegant wedding dance styles ideas for a large dance floor with big band-style music. 

Swing Wedding Dance Style – Swing dance

The swing is not a single dance but a group of dances composed of Jive, Jitterbug, boogie-woogie, Linda hop, shag, Balboa, East and west coast swing. The couple prefers to give an energetic performance and should go for this dance style. 

Rumba Wedding Dance Style – Rumba

It is a dance style of Latin music and has around 140 beats per minute. This dance is considered a sensual, rhythmic, and romantic choice for the wedding first dance. 

Mambo Wedding Dance Style – Mambo 

The mambo dance is one of the energetic and fast Latin-style dances. The craze for this dance increased among couples after watching the mambo dance performed by Patrick Swayze with Jennifer Grey in the Dirty Dancing movie on the Song “I have had the time of my life.” 


It is another rhythmic Latin dance style popular among couples for their first dance of wedding choreography.        

Mashup dance

The popularity of mashup dance has increased these days, where the couple performs on more than one song.

Now the couples are more into taking the ballroom dance lessons to prepare for their first dance, which helps make the couple navigate the dance floor without looking clumsy and awkward.   


The trend of mother-son dance is increasing in marriages these days. Mothers especially seem to be excited to rock the floor at their son’s wedding and perform a stunning performance with their son.

Father-Daughter Dance

Like the mother-son dance, the craze for father-daughter dance is also on the top in weddings these days. The dance is often the immediate attention of the guest. Instead of racking up the bar bills, the guests love watching the special performance by the dad shared on the special day of their daughter. 

The Bottom Line

So these are some popular wedding dance styles. Hopefully, this guide will help the soon-to-be bride and groom to select their wedding first dance. Further, consult professionals for wedding choreography for the ideal dance performances on your unforgettable day.     

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