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TYPITO: Is It Really Useful or Not?

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As you all know that to advertise something firstly you should need to bring some creative ideas and ways to advertise and according to many businesses or brands who gets results from advertising their brand and products used to believe that Advertisement through the Video is more effective and helpful for promoting business than advertisement through images. Because in Video marketing (also known as advertisement through video) there is a lot to publish as content and can easily help the brand to tell its story.

It is also necessary to have a Video Editing Tool to edit the video and make it more attractive. Video Editing Tool is so much important for the advertisement of business, for bloggers, and other media or marketing users to edit the videos.

So in this article, we will tell you why is it necessary to have Video Editing Tool, introduce you to the Video Editing Tool - TYPITO, what are its best features, and also inform you that if TYPITO is free or not?

Why is it necessary to have Video Editing Tool?

You may have noticed that people prefer to know the features and uses of the product before buying it through the advertisement (mostly the video advertisements as they look more convincing to consumer) which we see on Online Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Television, and other media devices. Also, if the advertisement doesn’t look informative and creative then the consumer will not prefer to buy it.

In such a case, Video Editing Tool like TYPITO helps to make the video more attractive by applying its features like grading, captions, different formats, and filters.

So, if you want to increase your brand popularity and spread awareness about its products then you should need to have a video editing tool - TYPITO.

What is TYPITO? What are its Best Features?

The TYPITO is a tool that is one of the best online video editing software and people usually like it as it has 37 different features in 1 editing tool.

TYPITO is a drag and drop editing tool with more than 500 templates and 600000+ High Revolution Picture to add to your video animation, has text layouts, different fonts and styles, and formats to upload on different platforms, etc.

Thus, TYPITO is a useful as well as an easy video editing tool

If TYPITO is a Free Video Editing Tool or Not?

Most of the editing tools that have so many features like TYPITO usually only are subscription-based but TYPITO is not fully subscription-based instead it is both free as well as subscription-based. But, there are some restrictions on using the TYPITO for free which is that you can edit only 4 videos in a month. TYPITO also has 3 different types of subscriptions according to the user’s need about which the information is given below in the table.





$29/ month

$66/ month

$149/ month

Edit up to 5 Videos/ month

Edit up to 15 Videos/ month

Edit up to 40 Videos/ month

Up to 3 users in a team

Up to 5 users in a team

Up to 10 users in a team

Add up to 3 brand fonts

Add up to 5 brand fonts

Add up to 10 brand fonts

5 custom video formats

8 custom video formats

15 custom video formats

Auto subtitle generator

Auto subtitle generator

Auto subtitle generator


When you will use TYPITO Video Editing tool then you will know that it is so much easy to use and there is no need for any special editing skills or to watch any editing tutorials to operate it

To go to TYPITO’s website click on this link - http://typito.com/


In the following article, we tried our best to tell you about the importance of Video Editing Tools and about TYPITO Video Editing Tool and its subscriptions.

From our overall assumption, we can say that TYPITO is a very useful tool for Video Editing.

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