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Tyre Review By PitStopArabia in 2021

The tires of an automobile are crucial as it is impossible for the car to function without the wheels. Choosing tyres in Dubai is the most challenging task for motorists since there is a wide selection of tyres on the market. In addition, driving enthusiasts have to consider many factors that include quality of the tyre, durability, traction performance, fuel efficiency, and price.


Have you ever been in a situation with no access to good tires? Well, with PSA services you won't have to struggle with such sticky situations. With their recommendation, you don’t have to wait in UAE hot weather condition that makes the tire deteriorate faster than elsewhere in the world.


However, PitStopArabia is one of the leading companies in the UAE that is providing tyre uae services for more than six-year. It has done thorough research and gives you a detail of noteworthy tyre brands which are best to purchase. Read the article to see the list of the top 6 tire brands in Dubai.

  1. Michelin

Undoubtedly, Michelin is one of the tire brands in UAE, Dubai. It is a one-stop-shop that covers a wide range of services for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and 4x4 vehicles. Michelin tires are reliable, durable, and are developed that suits well with extreme weather conditions. Overall, this brand saves your money and can be driven in any environment, without compromising safety.

  1. Bridgestone

According to today’s stats, Bridgestone is the world’s largest tire manufacturer which has 181 production facilities. It develops tires for all types of cars, including large trucks as well. Moreover, the Bridgestone brand provides top-quality tires for Dubai roads that meet every demand of drivers. These products are designed to enhance road traction, mileage, and fuel efficiency. It not offers durability but also gives the best performance when it comes to wheel balancing, damage resistance, and tire rotation.

  1. Dunlop

Dunlop manufacturers developed tires for a wide variety of cars by using the latest technological innovations in the tire industry. Their products are well suited to the UAE conditions, so a considerable number of vehicle owners opt to install Dunlop tires on their cars. Indeed Dunlop is a top brand supplying tires for different car types which includes light trucks, SUVs, off-road vehicles, 4x4 tires according to customer satisfaction and safety.

  1. Goodyear

Goodyear is the most trusted brand among buyers and sellers, all over the UAE. With the Goodyear Eagle series, it becomes easy for car owners to choose the right tires for their vehicles. Efficient Grip Performance is one of the most famous Goodyear products manufactured for passenger cars. The brand focused on improving its technology by using the newest achievements of science to ensure the safety of car users. 

  1. Pirelli

The Pirelli tires are ideal for the high-end luxury vehicle and performance cars in UAE. If you are a high-speed driving enthusiast, then  Pirelli is the best brand choice for you. Around the world, many ultra-high-performance vehicles are fitted with this brand. Pirelli product tires can perform at unusually high speed and offer exceptional cornering capabilities on the road. Further, it is more preferable over other competitors because it is eco-friendly in the environment, and provides better performance in all conditions. 

  1. Continental

Continental is also one of the largest tire manufacturers that has produced a variety of products in the automotive industry for transportation. Most of the car manufacturers prefer Continental around the world, as it is the original equipment tire for their cars. The brand offers high-quality performance without compromising safety. Its products are known for their cutting-edge design and effective technologies for connectivity and transportation.


The brand is known for designing cutting-edge intelligent technologies for connectivity and transportation. All Continental tires have a warranty so you can be safe.

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