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Tyre Types and Classification Guide You Need to Know

Tyres are the only contact point of your car with the road. They need to be of high quality so that they can last longer and can exhibit good performance and safety. The efficiency of the car also depends deeply on the performance of the tyres. For this very reason you need to make a fine choice so that you can help your car in performing well. There are different types of tyres and a proper classification that helps you in buying the suitable ones for your vehicle. You need to know all about it as it helps you in having a full knowledge and you can form an informed decision. This article can give you a guide on tyre types and its classification that can help you in making the right choice. Following are the tyre types and classification that you need to know.

High Performance Tyres

These tyres boost traction and give you more rubber that comes into contact with the road. Rainwater grooves can make it harder for your tyres to keep a good tread thus making it hard for the car to control. In wet weather condition, you must have a good control over tyres so that any mishap can be avoided. For this you need to have high-performance tyres. They are made of soft compounds as they wear down quickly and boost traction. Uniroyal 4x4 Tyres, for instance, can give you high-performance tyres.

Summer Tyres

Within an international context, summer tyres are known by a different name. in the UK you would see that summer tyres are for passenger vehicles. They offer a good grip and are durable in both wet and dry conditions. This can be attributed to the rubber and a good balance of water channeling grooves in optimal conditions.

Winter Tyres

Tyres that provide greater traction and have great tread depth are called winter tyres. They are very helpful when it comes to driving in snow, rain, and ice. So if you are living in extreme weather conditions then these tyres can help you with driving in winter. These are useful for some months of the year but make your driving safe.

All Season Tyres

For the majority of the journeys that take place in the UK, all season tyres are a good solution for every vehicle problem. Anyone who wants to have a safe driving during extreme weather conditions and does not want to get into the hassle of season change can rely on this tyre type. These are very helpful and can give you a better driving experience. You must buy these if you want to save yourself from the hassle of weather changes

All Terrain Tyres

These tyres increase tread spacing so that it can keep the mud out. The sidewall is also strengthened so that it can prevent punctures.

These are some of the tyre types and classification guide that can help you in buying tyres for your vehicle. This article can help you in making the right choice.

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