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Uber Eats delivery driver courier insurance

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The Uber Eats delivery driver courier insurance is required in the UK since this type of driving is classified as ‘Hire for Reward’. A standard vehicle insurance policy does not permit this because of the inherent risks associated with professional courier business.  The first step is deciding if you need full o part time cover

Do I need full time courier insurance?

Most Uber Eats drivers do not work 40 plus hours a week. They use this job part time so they do not need full time courier insurance. Because of that, there are insurance policy add-ons to accommodate this need. With the use of an app, the Uber Eats driver can notify their insurance company they are making a delivery so they will be covered while working. Once the delivery is made they again notify their insurance company and the special courier add-on is turned off and the vehicle is once again covered by a regular vehicle insurance policy. 

What is the base insurance before the add-on?

As required by UK law the minimum level of insurance is Third Party Only. Uber Eats drivers can also have Third Party Fire and Theft or a Full Comprehensive policy. 

What is included in the add-on ‘Hire for Reward’ insurance?

With the add-on, the level of cover will be the same as the regular vehicle insurance policy. Because of that, it is recommended to have full comprehensive insurance. If the driver only had Third Party then the contents in the vehicle being transported will not be covered if it is damaged or stolen.  

Are there in additional areas that can be covered?

Since the courier is responsible for the contents they are transporting, it is recommended to have ‘Goods in Transit’ cover. This will cover the replacement costs if the food is stolen or damaged once in possession of the courier driver.

Uber Eats delivery driver insurance is required by law while taking food to your clients. By having this cover on part time, you will not have to shoulder the costs of having Hire for Reward insurance cover on full time. This will help keep the costs of protection down when working. 

Other ways to save money on courier car insurance is to use a small economical car, park the car off the street in a locked garage or shed and increase the excess you will pay if a claim is made.


Other available add-ons include;

  • Breakdown cover will provide roadside assistance when your vehicle is no longer able to propel itself down the road. Repairs on the side of the road will be made for up to an hour. If the repairs to the vehicle can’t make it roadworthy then the vehicle will be towed to a repair garage. Which breakdown cover can give you more information on options available.

  • Public Liability cover is protection against lawsuits from a third party. With some comprehensive policy’s this might be already included.

  • Mobile phone cover is protection if your phone becomes disabled or stolen. Since you turn the insurance on and off with a mobile phone, this should be considered.

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