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Ultimate guide: how to use the French press coffee maker?

Invented in the 19th century, the French press depicts how seriously French people take their coffee since ancient times. It uses the dripping technique conveniently to brew great coffee. This hand-operated machinery gives you a flavorful cup of coffee in just about four minutes.

When using French press coffee makers make sure you use the world’s best coffee that preserves the unique flavor to the best. Egyptian or Columbian coffees are well known for their strong flavor. If you are fond of spending lavishly on your coffee there are premium coffee brands such as Hacienda El Roble and Ospina Dynasty Gran Café Premier Grand Cru.

When you select a coffee to make sure you opt for coarse ground beans. French press coffee makers work best with coarse grounds absorb hot water better than fine grounds. This results in bursting flavor in your beverage. Moreover, fine grounds can cause over-extraction leading to bitterness in taste. It is better to use freshly ground coffee for the best aromatic coffee. Coffee grinders are of two kinds, blade, and burr. A blade grinder is inexpensive but does not give the optimum size of coffee grounds. Either you get powder or large chunks using a blade grinder. It does not have a size setting so you have to grind and check continuously by stopping in between till you get rightly ground coffee beams. This can be hectic. On the other hand, French press coffee enthusiasts vouch for a burr grinder. Buy a burr grinder that will give you just the right size of coffee grounds. 

French press coffee makers are very easy to operate. They can be easily washed in a dishwasher. You can buy one at an affordable price and enjoy great tasting coffee at your home. You can also brew loose leaf tea and cold coffee in the machine. The maintenance of French press coffee makers is very easy. Make sure you wash them immediately after every use. The oil residue and coffee grounds left in the beaker and filter can spoil the taste of your coffee. If you need to dismantle the machine to scrub off any deposits from the filter look for the user manual so that you do it in the right way. 

Using French press coffee makers precisely is a matter of aesthetic skills. Apparently, there is not much technical proficiency required to operate French press coffee makers as they are quite easy to handle. However, if you mess up your coffee preparation you can end up with coffee grounds churning in your drink not quite giving the start of the day as you might have anticipated. 

Using French press coffee makers, you need to be very careful of the ratio of ingredients used, mainly water and coffee. About two tablespoons of coffee shall be good enough for 16 ounces of water. Heat the water at a temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the water simmer for about two-three minutes. Dip in the coffee at the bottom of the press. Gradually add the hot water placing the top intact with the machine. Has the plunger raised? Your handcrafted coffee shall be ready in two minutes however it is good to let it brew for about four minutes. Be careful not to steep the grounds for longer durations as it would extra brew your coffee making it taste bitter. If you like your coffee strong, better add more grounds rather than brew for longer times.

After brewing the coffee for about four minutes steadily press the plunger down. Ensure that you lower it in a straight manner down the beaker. You will have two cups of freshly brewed coffee in this way. Make your and your loved one's mornings delightful by sharing flavorful coffee. 

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
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