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Ultimate Guide on Hiring a Tree Trimming and Removal Service Company

When it comes to tree care, some jobs are too big and too dangerous, or just need professional expertise to keep the tree healthy. My rule of thumb: unless you can work with both feet on terra firm, you should hire a professional tree service. Working at height requires proper training and protection due to several risky variables such as electrical wires, wildlife, nearby fences, buildings, or homes. Of course, hiring a tree service comes with its own set of risks. To get your money's worth and protect your interests, you need to ask your tree care professional these important questions and make sure you understand and agree with their answers. For more information visit our site.

The Questions You Should Ask a Tree Service

How long have you been in business?

No one wants a young, inexperienced company causing a ruckus on their property. Make sure your potential Roseville tree care service provider is at least 10 years old. Many tree companies under 10 years old eventually fail because they don’t do their business well. This industry is full of pop-up businesses that go neighborhood to neighborhood searching for business. Don’t be scammed by these unseasoned companies.

Make sure they are qualified

You can never be too careful. If a tree removal company does not know how to do their job, you might end up with serious property damage. Ask the company if they have a qualified arborist employed who will be on site. Do not shy away from asking them this as legitimate companies know the industry is full of non-skilled hacks. They should be able to produce a Certificate of qualification to prove they are a certified arborist

They must be insured

You simply cannot afford to hire a tree removal company that does not have proper insurance. They need to have at the very least commercial general liability insurance or Public Liability insurance for up to 10 Million in cover (industry standard). Don’t just site the piece of paper. Ask for a copy and phone the insurer to make sure it all checks out before they start work. If they injure themselves or do damage to your property, you are leaving yourself wide open to being liable.

How do they minimize potential damage to your yard?

A qualified tree service will have an answer to this question right away. Protecting the things around your tree is an important part of the job. They should be able to explain the precautions they take while working in your yard. If they say, “we will just fill in our tire tracks with dirt” that may not be a good sign. At a minimum, plywood should be used to protect your lawn from equipment.

What equipment do you have/will you be using?

A seasoned tree company will have every tool under the sun for any tree service job. Besides cranes, they shouldn’t have to contract equipment out. Is their equipment OSHA certified? Do they have proper protective gear, such as ear plugs, glasses, gloves, hard hats, and vests? Is it a leaky, old loud truck or something well taken care of? These questions matter.

Do they have insurance?

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance! This is a big one. If someone falls out of a tree from an uninsured company it could be bad news for you. Make sure they are insured, and it should be stated in your contract. An accomplished tree service company will gladly talk to you about all these technicalities.

Does the company appear professional? 

What does their company truck look like, is it well taken care of? Is the truck clean and in good shape? If they don't take care of their equipment, do you think they will take care of your tree and property? Do they have a website? Design and content can give you a sense of their professionalism, as can the appearance of the vehicles they use on jobs. That can give you an idea of how they run their business.

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