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Ultimate Guide on How to Get the Best Plastic Curtains for Your Business

Strip doors, also known as plastic curtains, are mostly used in warehouses and other places for industrial needs. Strip doors will provide the separation you want between two sections at the same time they will not restrict the flow. There are different types of strip doors available in the market, and each class will cater to specific needs. This guide will help you choose the best kind of plastic curtains for you.

Appropriate for Your Application

Strip doors are intended to give streamlined access all through an industrial zone while ensuring that the territory's atmosphere is intact. In case you're a modern business administrator, they can improve workflow while guaranteeing that the ideal security measures are set up to ensure specific temperature, moisture, and other natural components found inside the workspace. It is critical to recognize what kind of plastic curtains to search in the market. Once you analyze all the prerequisites, select from various types of strip doors made of clear plastic sheet in Australia. This way, the process of installing strip doors becomes a lot easier.

Operating Temperature

We should consider different physical conditions that are prevalent inside the building to choose plastic strip doors with the right amount of thermal conductivity. The quality of the strip door material also plays an integral role when you review various operating conditions in any facility. The strip curtains must have a good rating for performance, and you must also consider the parameters of temperature in your facility. Different variants are ranging from -20F to 150F. This wide range of temperature will enable you to make use of these curtains effectively and safely in different industrial places.


Durability is one of the most important characteristics to consider before selecting industrial gears. When choosing strip curtains, you need to consider if the material used is suitable for industrial traffic. If you have a facility that has a lot of personal and heavy equipment traffic, it might cause damage to the strip curtains over time. Ribbed strips work perfectly for such places. These strips will help in protecting against loss due to friction. Find out a high-quality material that will ensure durability. This way, you don't have to keep repairing and replacing the strip curtains often.

Easy to Repair and Replace

In case, despite the high durability, if your strip curtains are prone to damage, you must be able to repair and replace it quickly. Strip curtain rolls serve best for modified purposes. They come in rolls containing lengths from 100' to 400'. The material can be cut to a custom size. Essentially, when you have to replace a couple of pieces of a previously existing arrangement, this one is a good option. If you just have some parts that are damaged, you need not change the entire strip door arrangement. Instead, you can get a roll and cut out the necessary strip. This is proficient and less expensive. 

Appropriate Widths

To get a uniquely designed strip entryway, the initial step is to determine the precise estimations of the size. The entryway's measurements should be appropriately noted. Before getting the strips cut, you have to consider the sort of traffic that goes all through the entryway. You can cut the pieces in various widths. The standard measurements lie somewhere in the range of 6" and 8". A few variations go up to 12" to 16" too. The width should be based on the type of traffic. For substantial mechanical gear to go in and out frequently, you have to cut the strips wider.

Fire Resistance

Safety is the main factor to be considered before installing a strip curtain setup. It is significant that the curtain strips are produced using excellent materials to guarantee basic security inside the industrial arrangement. Fire resistance code is one of the factors to evaluate before you decide on what type or brand to buy. Industrial areas are more prone to fire and accidents. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your strip doors are compliant with various fire codes.

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