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Ultimate Guide on washing machine buying tips

Washing Machine Journey towards its automation:

In human history, Washing clothes term is old the same as clothes age. As a human fashion gain revolution, clothes washing techniques also gain improvements. And in this process washing technique was revolutionized by washing machine. Our automatic washing machine is a revolutionized product of first wooden washing machine. We can categories its phases into three parts, One part when the washing machine was newly born, second term when washing machine collaborates with technology and we are in the third phase now, where you can find not only technology collaborated machines but totally hybrid washing machines are available that are also called Fully automatic machines. Now, we are going to discuss its phases for better understanding of automatic washing machine buying tips.

The first phase of the washing machine’s journey:

The first Phase is considered from 1797 to 1940 Because of Scrubboard, it was designed to rub clothes on a wooden board. And it becomes the foundation of the washing machine. After Surfboard wooden drum was introduced due to time and size efficiency. And that product becomes the cause of revolution in the washing machine industry. For better results, wooden material was replaced by metal drums.

Around 1900 to 1904, First electric machine was introduced and gradually it becomes a hot cake. And between 1930 to 1940, the Washing machine was developed very rapidly and was available in different sizes and capacity. And in this time frame washing machine hits the high number of sales.

Second Phase of the washing machine:

The second Phase of the Washing machine starts from 1937 to 1990. When washing machine hits the high number of sales then Bendix corporation works on automation of washing machine and try to make a combination of mechanical and technology. And in 1937 they were successful to develop first semi-automatic washing machine. This semi-automatic machine solves many issues like a spin cycle, size, and washing setting.

Third Phase of the Washing machine:

In the third phase, we can say that washing machines are fully hybrid and fully automatic. The 3rd phase starts after 1990 to onward and still we are in the 3rd phase. We can control all the functions and features of washing =machine either it is spinning time or its temperature. Even if your child is chasing washing machine and doing something wrong with it you can protect it by child lock that was impossible in the first and second phase washing machine. Here is a checklist that gives you a comparison in all types of washing machine and you should keep in mind all these features while purchasing your washing machine.

Checklist for Automatic Washing Machine.

checklist for washing machine

Keep in mind while purchasing your Washing machine:


Semi-automatic machines have two tubes, one tube is used for washing and second for drying purpose. It has only some functions that are automatic and others are manual. Like shifting clothes from one tube to another. So here we are going to discuss the pros and cons of a semi-automatic washing machine.


It is effective in water consumption, and use less water than fully automatic.

It is cost effective than fully automatic.

You can add clothes in midway while washing clothes.

Spin cycle efficiency is not less than an automatic machine.


It is more energy consumer then automatic.

Temperature cannot be managed automatically.

Fully automatic:

Fully automatic have only one tube where you can perform all functionalities using programs. You can add any type of functionality by just putting a program and no need of manually doing something. Fully automatic have some different and extra functionalities that semi-automatic does not have.


It is less energy consumption.

The pre-soak facility is available here.

The temperature controller is efficient.

Child lock is also available in this machine.


More consumption of water.

More costly then semi-automatic.

An advantage in the form of online availability:

Our community has one more advantage in the form of online availability. You can purchase both types of washing machines online from your home. Semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines are available online in all over the world include Pakistan on best prices. Technology is helping us in shopping also.

Last Note:

Last keep in mind all the features and functions of both types of washing machines. Understand your needs and then check the comparison checklist for a better decision. Hope this detailed comparison with history will help you to understand washing machines buying tips and in a better decision against washing machine purchasing.

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